Inquiry into the Provisions of the Criminal Code Amendment (Espionage and Related Offences) Bill 2002

Inquiry into the Provisions of the Criminal Code Amendment (Espionage and Related Offences) Bill 2002

On 20 March 2002, the Senate referred the above Bill to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Legislation Committee. The Committee expects to report on Friday 26 April, 2002.

An Interim Report (PDF 33KB) was tabled on 27 May 2003 which advised that a final report will be tabled on or before 10 May 2002.

There are significant issues contained in this Bill, including major increase in penalties for espionage, and relating to a number of recent prosecutions such as Lappas and Wispelaire. The Bill has been significantly changed from that originally tabled, with the removal of provisions relating to non-security official secrets.

The Committee held a public hearing in Sydney on Monday 8 April 2002 - Transcript of proceedings (PDF 234KB)
Alternatively, copies can be sent to you by contacting the Secretariat.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat if there are any matters you wish to discuss with respect to the inquiry.

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Lodging Submissions

The deadline for the lodgment of submissions with the Committee was Tuesday 2 April 2002. Submissions should be lodged with:

The Secretary
Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee
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The Committee encourages the lodgment of submissions in electronic form. However, please ensure that a name, mailing address and phone number is enclosed with all email submissions.

Submissions become Committee documents and are only made public after a decision by the Committee. Unauthorised release of submissions is not covered by parliamentary privilege. Further assistance can be obtained by phoning the secretariat on (02) 6277 3560.

Report - Tabled 10 May 2002