Appendix 2


Monday, 12 August 2019
Committee Room 2S3
Parliament House
National Farmers' Federation
Mr Tony Mahar, Chief Executive Officer
Dr Adrienne Ryan, General Manager, Rural Affairs
New South Wales Farmers’ Association
Ms Kathryn Rankin, Policy Director, Rural Affairs and Business Economics and Trade
Mr Ean Pollard, Pork Committee, and pork producer from Young
Victorian Farmers Federation
Mr David Jochinke, President
Australian Pork Ltd
Ms Margo Andrae, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Deb Kerr, General Manager, Policy
Australian Dairy Farmers
Mr Craig Hough, Director Strategy and Policy
Mr Brian Tessmann, Chair Animal Health and Welfare Policy Advisory Group
Australian Chicken Meat Federation
Dr Vivien Kite, Executive Director
Law Council of Australia
Dr Natasha Molt, Director of Policy
Ms Gabrielle Bashir, Co-Chair of the National Criminal Law Committee
Animal Defenders Office
Mr Mike Rosalky, Volunteer Lawyer
Ms Tara Ward, Volunteer Lawyer
Animal Protectors Alliance
Ms Robyn Soxsmith, Co-Founder
Aussie Farms Incorporated
Mr Christopher Delforce, Executive Director
Australian Academy of Science
Dr Tayanah O'Donnell, Acting Director, Science Policy
Dr Thomas Joseph Higgins, Fellow
Australia's Right to Know
Ms Georgia-Kate Schubert, Head of Policy and Government Affairs, News Corp Australia
Mr Mark Maley, Editorial Policies Manager, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Ms Deborah Auchinachie, Senior Lawyer, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Ms Gail Hambly, Private Capacity
Dr Bidda Jones, Acting Chief Executive Officer
Dr Jed Goodfellow, Senior Policy Officer
Australian Veterinary Association
Dr Melanie Latter, Head of Policy and Advocacy
Department of Agriculture
Ms Rosemary Deininger, First Assistant Secretary, Agricultural Policy Division
Mr Nick Blong, Assistant Secretary, Agricultural Policy Division
Dr Narelle Clegg, Assistant Secretary, Biosecurity Animal Division
Mr Richard Webb, Director, Agricultural Policy Division
Attorney-General’s Department
Mr Andrew Walter, First Assistant Secretary, Integrity and Security Division
Ms Elizabeth Brayshaw, Assistant Secretary, Security and Criminal Justice Branch
Mr Branko Ananijevski, Director, Criminal Law Section
Department of Home Affairs
Mr Andrew Warnes, Assistant Secretary, National Security Policy Branch
Australian Federal Police
Ms Debbie Platz, Assistant Commissioner, National Manager Crime Operations
Ms Kate McMullan, Acting Manager, Strategic Engagement

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