Submissions Received

Submissions Received

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Sub No.  
1 Ms Belinda J Scott (PDF 76KB)
2 Mr Michael Reid (Short Version) (PDF 22KB)
3 Birrung Gallery Sydney (PDF 33KB)
4 Mr Robert Stuurman (PDF 12KB)
5 ArtsSA (PDF 25KB)
6 Mr Alex Malik (PDF 470KB)
7 Museum & Gallery Services Queensland (PDF 2219KB)
8 Creative Economy Pty Ltd (PDF 1037KB)
9 Queensland University of Technology (PDF 43KB)
10 Warlayirti Artists (PDF 36KB)
11 Professor Jon Altman (PDF 1330KB); Attachment 1 - Developing an Indigenous Arts Strategy for the Northern Territory: Issues paper for consultations (PDF 473KB); Attachment 2 - Brokering Aboriginal art: A critical perspective on marketing, institutions, and the state (PDF 586KB)
12 Mr Brian Tucker (PDF 250KB)
13 Ms Lotte Ghielen (PDF 13KB); Attachment - 'A Piece of Our Soul' (PDF 1601KB)
14 Papunya Tula Artists Pty Ltd (PDF 39KB)
15 artsource - the artists foundation of WA Ltd (PDF 204KB)
16 Cross Cultural Art Exchange (PDF 44KB)
17 The Rainbow Serpent (PDF 1506KB)
18 Department of Culture and the Arts, WA (PDF 98KB)
19 Australian Indigenous Art Trade Association (PDF 77KB)


Australian Indigenous Art Trade Association (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 62KB)
19B Australian Indigenous Art Trade Association (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 47KB)
20 The Artists of Ampilatwatja (PDF 22KB)
21 Japingka - Indigenous Fine Art Gallery (PDF 65KB); Attachment - Code of Practice for Galleries and Retailers of Indigenous Art (PDF 161KB)
22 Ms Monique Weemstra (PDF 31KB)
23 National Indigenous Council (PDF 36KB)
24 Mbantua Gallery (PDF 36KB); Attachment - NT Telstra Business Awards (PDF 37KB)
25 Identeart (PDF 71KB)
25A Identeart (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 123KB)
26 Lauraine Diggins Fine Art (PDF 77KB)
27 National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) (PDF 154KB)
28 The University of Queensland (PDF 37KB)
29 Austrade (PDF 82KB)
30 Griffith University (PDF 476KB)
31 Caruana Fine Art (PDF 80KB)
32 Professor R John Watling & Ms Rachel L Green (PDF 271KB)
33 Mr Peter Garrett AM MP (PDF 671KB)
34 Marshall Arts (PDF 37KB)
35 Department of Industry and Resources, Western Australia (PDF 97KB)
36 Arts Law Centre of Australia (PDF 380KB)
37 NSW Aboriginal Justice Advisory Council (PDF 39KB)
38 The Australia Council (PDF 506KB); Attachment 1 - Top 25 sale prices for Aboriginal arts works 1998-2006 (PDF 47KB); Attachment 2 - The social and cultural benefits of Indigenous visual arts (PDF 332KB); Attachment 3 - Indigenous cultural and intellectual property: the main issues for the Indigenous arts industry in 2006 (PDF 659KB)
39 The Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development, Victorian College of the Arts (PDF 27KB)
40 Gab Titui Cultural Centre (PDF 36KB)
41 Ms Christine Godden (PDF 61KB)
42 Indigenous curators of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art (PDF 34KB)
43 Australian Art Market Report (PDF 30KB)
44A Viscopy Ltd (PDF 161KB)
45 Arts Law Centre of Queensland Inc (PDF 135KB)
46 Ananguku Arts & Culture Aboriginal Corporation (PDF 83KB)
47 Ms Jennifer Herd (PDF 125KB)
48 Mr Alec O'Halloran (PDF 76KB)
49 Desart (PDF 462KB); Attachment 1 - Central Australian Aboriginal Art Centres (Revised) Physical Infrastructure Needs Assessment (Facilities and Housing) (PDF 274KB); Attachment 2 - Desart Training Book (PDF 4725KB); Attachment 3 - Report of Organisational Audit, Irrunytju Arts, November 2006 (PDF 148KB)
50 Department of Communications, IT and the Arts (PDF 242KB); Attachment - Indigenous Art Centres: Strategy and Action Plan (PDF 208KB)
50A Department of Communications, IT and the Arts (Supplementary Submission)  (PDF 129KB)
51 Maningrida Arts & Culture (PDF 68KB)
52 Waringarri Aboriginal Arts (PDF 33KB)
52A Waringarri Aboriginal Arts (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 34KB)
53 Arts NSW (PDF 489KB)
54 Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (PDF 141KB)
55 A P Bond - Art Dealer (PDF 21KB)
56 Ms Ali Cobby Eckermann (PDF 19KB)
57 Northern Territory Government (PDF 127KB)
58 Queensland Government (PDF 310KB)
59 Arnold Bloch Leibler & Jirrawun Arts Corporation (PDF 169KB)
60 Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (PDF 11052KB)
61 Mr Will Owen (PDF 54KB)
62 Mr Jason Davidson (PDF 1531KB)


Mr Jason Davidson - (DVD - not available online); Attachment 1 - Stomping Out The Middlemen: The Punks Who Rip Off Aboriginal Artists (PDF 156KB)
63 Association of Northern, Kimberley and Arnhem Aboriginal Artists (ANKAAA) (PDF 229KB); Attachment - NT Art Centre priority funding for Infrastructure and capital (PDF 145KB); Attachment 2 - Business & Strategic Plan 2004-2007(PDF 231KB)
63A Association of Northern, Kimberley and Arnhem Aboriginal Artists (ANKAAA) (Supplementary Submission)  (PDF 213KB)
64 Dr B Korman (PDF 10979KB)
65 Art Mob - Aboriginal Fine Art (PDF 28KB)
        Response by Susan Borham, Editor-in-Chief, Australian Art Collector,
        to comments in submissions from Dr Ben Korman and Art Mob
        (PDF 13KB)


Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (PDF 54KB)


Lockhart River Arts and Cultural Centre (PDF 60KB)


artmark australia (PDF 130KB)


Ms Carole Best (PDF 49KB)


Arts Victoria (PDF 84KB)


Ms Isabelle de Beaumont (PDF 25KB)




Warakurna Artists (PDF 82KB); Attachment (PDF 9577KB)


Red Rock Art Gallery (PDF 3298KB)
75 Name Withheld (PDF 21KB)
76 Ms Beverley Knight (PDF 61KB)
77 Ms Janet Clayton (PDF 11KB)
78 Dr Diane Mossenson (PDF 23KB)
79 Tangentyere Artists (PDF 16KB)
80 Mr John R Walker (PDF 260KB)
81 Australian Customs Service (PDF 41KB)
82 The Australian Commercial Galleries Association (PDF 58KB); Attachment 1 - Code of Practice for Australian commercial galleries and the artists they represent (PDF 80KB); Attachment 2 - Code of Ethics (PDF 29KB)
83 Mr Adam Knight (PDF 144KB)
84 New Zealand Ministry for Culture and Heritage (PDF 237KB)
85 Utopia Art Sydney  (PDF 1021KB)
86 Confidential
87 Confidential
88 Fire-Works Gallery  (PDF 75KB)
89 Didgeri Air Art Tours & Palya Art  (PDF 41KB)

Additional Information

Taking Action, Gaining Trust - A National Indigenous Consumer Strategy: Action Plan 2005-2010 (PDF 2009KB)
Altman and Ward (2002) Competition and consumer issues for Indigenous Australians (PDF 432KB)
Mayke Kranenbarg (2004) 'Painting Authenticity, Aboriginal art and knowledge in an intercultural space
   (Warmun, Western Australia)' (MA Thesis) (PDF 839KB)
Report of the Contemporary Visual Arts and Craft Inquiry (The Myer Report, 2002) (PDF 3072KB)
The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 (US) (PDF 230KB)
Australian Competiton & Consumer Commission - Guide to unconscionable conduct (PDF 347KB)
Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative:
     Report on Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-Operative Ltd, August 2003  (PDF 3892KB)
     Strategic Plan FY2003  (PDF 2347KB)
Indigenous Business Australia (PDF 222KB)

Answers to questions taken on notice

Department of Communications, IT and the Arts - Shared Responsibility Agreements (SRAs) (PDF 68KB)
Department of Communications, IT and the Arts - DCITA Regional Network Staff (PDF 72KB)
Department of Communications, IT and the Arts - Resale Royalty (PDF 17KB);
   Attachment Proposed Resale Royalty Arrangement: Discussion Paper (PDF 923KB)
Book up: ACCC Role and Activities (PDF 126KB)
Indigenous Employment and the ACCC (PDF 17KB)
Department of Communications, IT and the Arts - State and Commonwealth funding (PDF 15KB)
National Association for the Visual Arts - Response to DCITA's Resale Royalty Discussion Paper (PDF 220KB)
National Association for the Visual Arts, Arts Law Centre of Australia, Australian Copyright Council
  and Viscopy - Resale right: the major legislative issues, position paper, October 2003 (PDF 100KB)
National Association for the Visual Arts - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff within
  peak non-Indigenous organisations, 9 March 2007 (PDF 64KB)
Department of Communications, IT and the Arts - Shared Responsibility Agreements (PDF 265KB)
Department of Communications, IT and the Arts - Public hearing, Tuesday 10 April 2007 (PDF 862KB)
Department of Employment and Workplace Relations - Public hearing, Wednesday, 11 April 2007 (PDF 2405KB)

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