Submissions received by the Committee

The impacts on health of air quality in Australia

Submissions received by the Committee

Sub No.

1Mr Agner Sorensen (PDF 18KB) 
2Ms Wendy Wales (PDF 38KB) 
3Mr Darryl Johnston (PDF 167KB) 
4Doctors for the Environment Australia Inc. (PDF 981KB) 
5Hunter Community Environment Centre  (PDF 1065KB) Attachment 1(PDF 2140KB) Attachment 2(PDF 655KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 166KB) 
Response to adverse comment from NSW Environment Protection Authority(PDF 3413KB) 
6Ms Deidre Olofsson (PDF 1026KB) 
7Ms Diane O'Mara  (PDF 45KB) 
8Mackay Conservation Group (PDF 508KB) 
9Canberra Lung Life Support Group (PDF 118KB) 
10On the Nose Community Group Inc. (PDF 1837KB) 
11Ms Wendy White (PDF 837KB) 
12Port Augusta City Council (PDF 4468KB) 
13Hunter Environment Lobby Inc. (PDF 18KB) 
14Faculty of Law, University of Sydney (PDF 356KB) 
15Lake Macquarie City Council (PDF 3512KB) 
16Rathmines Progress Association (PDF 18486KB) 
17Cr Tony Briffa  (PDF 630KB) 
18Brooklyn Residents Action Group Inc (PDF 1334KB) 
19Hunter Valley Protection Alliance (PDF 1000KB) 
20Australian Home Heating Association Inc (PDF 906KB) 
21Total Environment Centre (PDF 38KB) 
22Rio Tinto (PDF 419KB) 
23Repower Port Augusta Group (PDF 86KB) Attachment 1(PDF 298KB) 
25Latrobe Valley Sustainability Group (PDF 124KB) 
26Hunter Valley Wine Industry Association (PDF 78KB) 
27Environment Victoria (PDF 132KB) 
28Singleton Shire Healthy Environment Group (PDF 3502KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 3762KB) 
29Centre for Air quality and health Research and evaluation (CAR) (PDF 435KB) 
30Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate, ACT Government (PDF 175KB) 
31Mr Rick Banyard (PDF 16KB) 
35Residents Against Polluting Stacks Inc (PDF 357KB) 
36Anglo American Metallurgical Coal  (PDF 164KB) 
37Mr John Kaye (PDF 421KB) 
38Mr Paul Connor (PDF 14KB) 
39Name Withheld (PDF 108KB) 
40Ms Alyson Shepherd (PDF 2211KB) 
41Mr Douglas Blackwell (PDF 4418KB) 
42Ms Sophie L'Estrange (PDF 15KB) 
43Greenpeace Australia Pacific (PDF 486KB) 
44Dr Jennifer Kent (PDF 15KB) 
45Mr Scott Bilby (PDF 14KB) 
46Mr Josh Armistead (PDF 20KB) 
47Dr Steve Robinson  (PDF 106KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 20KB) 
48CSIRO (PDF 439KB) 
49Mr Ian McCallan  (PDF 397KB) 
50Asthma Foundation NSW (PDF 365KB) 
51Port Waratah Coal Services  (PDF 359KB) 
52Surf Coast Air Action (PDF 1346KB) Attachment 1(PDF 492KB) 
Response to adverse comment from ALCOA(PDF 1567KB) 
53International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health (ILAQH), Queensland University of Technology (PDF 130KB) 
54Islington Village Community Group (PDF 43KB) 
55Oakey Coal Action Alliance (PDF 506KB) 
56Correct Planning and Consultation for Mayfield Group (PDF 179KB) 
57Queensland Resources Council (PDF 704KB) Attachment 1(PDF 2183KB) Attachment 2(PDF 1048KB) Attachment 3(PDF 499KB) 
58Nature Conservation Council of NSW  (PDF 151KB) 
59Australian Marine Engine Council  (PDF 3304KB) 
60Ms Kathy Cave  (PDF 16KB) 
61Stockton Community Action Group (PDF 3921KB) 
62New England Greens (PDF 236KB) Attachment 1(PDF 2161KB) 
Response to adverse comment from Australian Home Heating Association Inc(PDF 117KB) 
63Maribyrnong City Council  (PDF 984KB) 
64Ms Rosemary Gatfield  (PDF 15KB) 
65Ms Larisa Cooper (PDF 15KB) 
66Dr Murray May (PDF 43KB) 
67Dr Dorothy Robinson (PDF 1128KB) 
68Mr and Mrs Peter and Rhonda Selmanovic (PDF 1932KB) 
70Ms Narelle Gallop (PDF 14KB) 
71NSW Minerals Council (PDF 353KB) 
72Ms Denise Gilbert  (PDF 406KB) 
73Ms Anna Kasper (PDF 94KB) 
75ACT Government (PDF 819KB) 
76Mr Paul McGannon (PDF 15KB) 
78Lock the Gate Alliance Ltd (PDF 129KB) 
79Gunnedah Basin HIA Steering Committee (PDF 264KB) Attachment 1(PDF 1308KB) 
80NSW Environment Protection Authority (PDF 2146KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 123KB) 
81Cleanairtas (PDF 1071KB) Attachment 1(PDF 87KB) Attachment 2(PDF 178KB) 
82Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (PDF 206KB) 
83Mr Chris Brown  (PDF 63KB) 
84Mr Paul Murphy (PDF 203KB) 
85Australian Network of Environmental Defender's Offices Inc (PDF 231KB) 
86Dr. Raymond Kearney (PDF 1291KB) 
87Dr John Todd (PDF 654KB) 
88Tuggeranong Community Council Inc (PDF 537KB) 
89Mr John Krey  (PDF 2130KB) Attachment 1(PDF 2775KB) 
90Name Withheld (PDF 51KB) 
91Dr James Markos  (PDF 43KB) 
92Dr Adrian Barnett (PDF 88KB) 
93Mr Tuan Au (PDF 78KB) 
94Australian Air Quality Group (PDF 2249KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 134KB) 
Response to adverse comment from Australian Home Heating Association Inc(PDF 167KB) 
95Ms Colleen Hartland MP (PDF 184KB) 
96Dr Nick Higginbotham  (PDF 113KB) 
97Friends of the Earth Australia (PDF 354KB) 
98Maribyrnong Truck Action Group (MTAG) (PDF 95KB) 
99The Wilderness Society Newcastle  (PDF 411KB) Attachment 1(PDF 236KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 203KB) 
100Hobsons Bay City Council (PDF 218KB) 
101General Electric  (PDF 88KB) 
102National Toxics Network Inc. (PDF 294KB) 
103Muswellbrook Shire Council (PDF 5008KB) 
104Climate and Health Alliance (PDF 542KB) 
105Dr Craig Dalton (PDF 834KB) 
106Communities Protecting Our Region (PDF 9293KB) Attachment 1(PDF 3947KB) Attachment 2(PDF 1875KB) 
107Quit Coal (PDF 81KB) 
108Port Adelaide Resident's Environment Protection Group  (PDF 163KB) 
109Minerals Council of Australia (PDF 73KB) Attachment 1(PDF 360KB) 
110EPA Victoria (PDF 1385KB) 
111Mr Garry Reed  (PDF 1582KB) Attachment 1(PDF 2270KB) Attachment 2(PDF 235KB) 
112Stop Brisbane Coal Trains  (PDF 116KB) 
113Clean Air Society Australia New Zealand (PDF 153KB) 
114Australian Medical Association (PDF 254KB) 
115Brimbank City Council (PDF 476KB) 
116Environmental Medicine Working Group (PDF 140KB) 
117Bureau of Meteorology (PDF 332KB) 
118Ms Glennis Hammond  (PDF 101KB) Attachment 1(PDF 112KB) Attachment 2(PDF 209KB) Attachment 3(PDF 85KB) 
119Mr William Thomson (PDF 53KB) 
121Ms Gabrielle Mogck  (PDF 44KB) 
122Ms Lyn Kilby  (PDF 58KB) 
123Name Withheld (PDF 19KB) 
126Ms Jennifer Thompson  (PDF 29KB) 
127Mr Phillip Edwards (PDF 630KB) 
128Ms Aina Ranke  (PDF 67KB) 
129Dr Tanya Plant (PDF 90KB) 
132Mr David Dettrick  (PDF 152KB) 
134Name Withheld (PDF 299KB) 
135Ms Margaret Airoldi  (PDF 40KB) 
136Ms Kylie Goldthorpe  (PDF 64KB) Attachment 1(PDF 1311KB) Attachment 2(PDF 1168KB) Attachment 3(PDF 1302KB) Attachment 4(PDF 1303KB) Attachment 5(PDF 1192KB) 
137Mr John Sutton (PDF 418KB) 
138Mr Glenn Beutel  (PDF 60KB) 
139Hunter Communities Network (PDF 95KB) 
140Ms Janet Graham  (PDF 51KB) 
141Moranbah Cumulative Impacts Group (PDF 40KB) 
142Dr Joanna McCubbin  (PDF 892KB) 
143Camden Council (PDF 1509KB) 
144Name Withheld (PDF 176KB) 
145Mr Paul Bambrick (PDF 43KB) 
146Ms Cathy Burgess (PDF 764KB) 
147Name Withheld (PDF 45KB) 
148North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation (PDF 361KB) 
150Mr Jonathon Dykyj (PDF 82KB) 
151Ms Debbi Orr (PDF 88KB) Attachment 1(PDF 956KB) 
152Ms Julie Turner  (PDF 43KB) 
153Mr Alan Joynt (PDF 51KB) 
154Mr Mark Selmes  (PDF 372KB) 
155Western Australian Government (PDF 3006KB) 
156Ms Carol Cosentino  (PDF 70KB) 
157Ms Lyn MacBain  (PDF 1024KB) 
158Armidale Dumaresq Council (PDF 538KB) 
159Mr Peter Thornton  (PDF 439KB) Attachment 1(PDF 171KB) Attachment 2(PDF 440KB) 
161Save the Reef (PDF 110KB) 
162Standards Australia (PDF 1411KB) 

Form Letters Received

1Form Letter Type 1, received from approximately 34 individuals, example uploaded(PDF 14KB) 
2Form Letter Type 2, received from approximately 17 individuals, example uploaded(PDF 18KB) 
3Form Letter Type 3, received from approximately 7 individuals, example uploaded(PDF 9KB) 
4Form Letter Type 4, received from approximately 5 individuals, example uploaded(PDF 158KB) 
5Form Letter Type 5, received from approximately 3 individuals, example uploaded(PDF 11KB) 

Additional Information Received

1Health effects of air pollution information, from Dr Ben Ewald, received 7 March 2013(PDF 2647KB) 
2Coal Dust and Health in the Mackay Region report (February 2013), from Communities Protecting Our Region, received 8 March 2013(PDF 3517KB) 
3Emission charts, tabled by Hunter Community Environment Centre, at Newcastle public hearing 16 April 2013(PDF 189KB) 
4Picture of covered rail wagons, tabled by Mr John Sutton, at Newcastle public hearing 16 April 2013(PDF 226KB) 
5Identification of environmental lead sources and pathways in a mining and smelting town: Mt Isa, Australia (proof journal article), from Mackay, Taylor and others, received 10 May 2013(PDF 1325KB) 
6Selected Air Quality Data from around Australia, from Professor Mark Taylor, received 10 May 2013(PDF 386KB) 
7The health impacts of coalmining operations and coal combustion on geographically proximate communities report, from author Mallory Barnes, received 15 May 2013(PDF 881KB) 
8Minutes of Standards Australia meeting, tabled by Australian Home Heating Association, at Canberra public hearing 17 May 2013(PDF 645KB) 
9Presentation, tabled by Quit Coal, at Canberra public hearing 17 May 2013(PDF 3014KB) 
10Opening statement, tabled by Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, at Canberra public hearing 17 May 2013(PDF 1370KB) 
11Email correspondence dated 24 April 2007, from Standards Australia, received 22 May 2013(PDF 28KB) 
12Health Factor report, from Doctors for the Environment Australia, received 29 May 2013(PDF 5181KB) 
13Picture of coal on railway station platform, tabled by Friends of the Earth, at Brisbane public hearing 11 June 2013(PDF 191KB) 
14Map of Australian coal and gas titles and applications, tabled by Lock the Gate Alliance, at Brisbane public hearing 11 June 2013(PDF 176KB) 
15Permit under Environmental Protection Act 1994, tabled by Environmental Defenders Office Queensland, at Brisbane public hearing 11 June 2013(PDF 4062KB) 
16Extract from Queensland permit MIN100550507, tabled by Environmental Defenders Office Queensland, at Brisbane public hearing 11 June 2013(PDF 10003KB) 
17Submission to the Environment Protection and Heritage Council (May 2010), from Outdoor Power Equipment Association, received 25 June 2013(PDF 5598KB) 


1Correspondence responding to comments in submissions 55, 112, 118, 129 and 138, from New Hope Group, received 1 May 2013(PDF 384KB) 
2Correspondence correcting error in submission 159, from Mr Peter Thornton, received 12 June 2013(PDF 39KB) 
3Correspondence responding to evidence in submissions and in the Hansard of the public hearing held on 11 June in Brisbane, from New Hope Group, received 2 July 2013(PDF 840KB) 

Answers to Questions on Notice

1Answers to Questions on Notice received from Australian Medical Association, 1 May 2013(PDF 32KB) 
2Answers to Questions on Notice received from NSW Minerals Council, 3 May 2013(PDF 10KB) 
3Answers to Questions on Notice received from Australian Home Heating Association, 5 June 2013(PDF 107KB) 
4Answers to Questions on Notice received from Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, 5 June 2013(PDF 163KB) 
5Answers to Questions on Notice received from North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation, 20 June 2013(PDF 2054KB) 
6Answers to Questions on Notice received from Queensland Resources Council, 26 June 2013(PDF 3362KB) 
7Answers to Questions on Notice received from Australian Home Heating Association, 5 July 2013(PDF 4037KB) 

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