Submissions received by the Committee as at 11 October 2005

Submissions received by the Committee as at 11 October 2005

Sub No. Submitter
1 Globe Wines Pty Ltd (PDF 763KB)
2 Yarra Valley Wine Growers' Association (PDF 17KB)
3 South Australian Farmers' Federation (PDF 668KB)
4 Confidential
5 Grape and Wine Research & Development Corporation (PDF 1004KB)
6 Cooperative Research Centre for Viticulture (PDF 38KB)
7 Murray Valley Winegrowers' Inc. (PDF 270KB)

Submissions of similar wording (PDF 66KB)
John Bisetto
Ronny Salvestro
Mrs N. Bienzobas
Aldo Saraceno
Lou Forner
Glen Morris

9 Wine Industry Association WA (Inc.) (PDF 39KB)
10 McGuigan Simeon wines Ltd (PDF 241KB)
11 Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (PDF 204KB)
12 Ashridge Vineyards (PDF 93KB)
14 Hon Peter Lewis MP (PDF 163KB)
15 Neilpo Heights Vineyard (PDF 65KB)
16 Mr Joe Gropler JP (PDF 19KB)
17 Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation (PDF 130KB)
18 Creeks Edge Vineyard & Winery Pty Ltd (PDF 29KB)
19 Great Southern Plantations (PDF 37KB)
20 King Valley Vignerons (PDF 41KB)
21 Mr T.J. Murphy (PDF 21KB)
22 Riverland Wine industry Development Council Inc. (PDF 426KB)
23 Submissions of similar wording (PDF 390KB)
23A Submissions of similar wording with additional information (PDF 246KB)
24 Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (PDF 135KB)
25 Alpine Valley Vignerons Inc. (PDF 31KB)
26 Mudgee Wine Grape Growers Association Inc. (PDF 21KB)
27 Hunter Valley Vineyard Association Inc. (PDF 109KB)
28 Weeks Consulting Pty Ltd (PDF 667KB)
29 Riverina Wine Grapes Marketing Board (PDF 1177KB)

Additional information


Department of Industry Tourism and Resources (PDF 49KB)
Office of Small Business

2 Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (PDF 102KB)
3 Winemakers' Federation of Australia (PDF 792KB)
4 Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (PDF 40KB)

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