Appendix 1

Submissions received

Number               Submitter

  1. Mr Bryan Seymour
  2. Mr Robin Darroch  
  3. Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
  4. Homeland Security Asia/Pacific
  5. Board of Airline Representatives of Australia 
  6. Australian & International Pilots Association
  7. Mr Richard Rudd  
  8. Australia Pacific Airports (Melbourne) Pty Ltd
  9. Regional Aviation Association of Australia 
  10. Australian Security Intelligence Organisation
  11. Regional Express  
  12. Law Council of Australia 
  13. Australian Security Industry Association Ltd
  14. Qantas Airways Limited
  15. Office of the Inspector of Transport Security 
  16. Australian Federal Police  
  17. Australian Airports Association 
  18. United Voice  
  19. Immigration and Border Protection Portfolio
  20. National LGBTI Health Alliance
  21. Mr Allan Kessing

Additional information received

Questions on notice

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