Submissions received by the committee

Submissions received by the committee

Sub No.  
1 Mr Trevor Allwood (PDF 501KB)
1a Mr Trevor Allwood (PDF 618KB)
2 Ms Suzelie Connelly, CPR Group (PDF 308KB)
3 Geelong Area Consultative Committee (PDF 113KB)
4 Melbourne Development Board (PDF 1100KB)
5 Ms Helen Tickle (PDF 237KB)
6 South West Area Consultative Committee (PDF 1665KB)
7 Hunter Area Consultative Committee (PDF 334KB)
8 Barossa Riverland MidNorth Area Consultative Committee (PDF 661KB)
9 Sunraysia Area Consultative Committee (PDF 438KB)
10 Central Murray Area Consultative Committee (PDF 667KB)
11 New England North West Area Consultative Committee (PDF 3087KB)
NENWACC Handbook (i) (PDF 2909KB)
NENWACC Handbook (ii) (PDF 1126KB)
Business Plan (PDF 149KB)
Strategic Regional Plan (PDF 140KB)
Annual Report (PDF 280KB)
12 Central Queensland Area Consultative Committee (PDF 1096KB)
13 Mr Stephen Hall (PDF 702KB)

Department of Transport and Regional Services (PDF 635KB)
Regional Partnerships Program project data (PDF 241KB)
Sustainable Regions Program project data (PDF 1850KB)
Attachment A (PDF 304KB)
Attachment B (PDF 86KB)
Attachment C (PDF 798KB)
Attachment D (PDF 148KB)
Attachment E (PDF 1846KB)
Attachment F (PDF 960KB)
Attachment G (PDF 793KB)
Attachment H (PDF 135KB)
Attachment I(i) (PDF 2792KB)
Attachment I(ii) (PDF 620KB)
Attachment I(iii) (PDF 321KB)
Attachment I(iv) (PDF 276KB)
Attachment I(v) (PDF 544KB)
Attachment I(vi) (PDF 715KB)
Attachment I(vii) (PDF 954KB)
Attachment J (PDF 341KB)
Attachment K (PDF 189KB)

15 Mr Tony Windsor MP (PDF 2418KB)
Attachment 1(i) (PDF 1601KB)
Attachment 1(ii) (PDF 2190KB)
Attachment 2(i) (PDF 1959KB)
Attachment 2(ii) (PDF 1556KB)
Attachment 2(iii) (PDF 2196KB)
Attachment 2(iv) (PDF 1541KB)
Attachment 3 (PDF 1901KB)
15a Mr Tony Windsor MP (PDF 2330KB)
16 Tamworth Regional Council (PDF 553KB)
Australian Equine & Livestock Centre Business Plan (PDF 4661KB)
Australian Equine and Livestock Centre Application for Australian Government Funding 2004 (PDF 3191KB)
17 Office of Bob Katter MP (PDF 593KB)
18 Mackay Region Area Consultative Committee (PDF 638KB)
21 Dr Geoffrey Stocker PhD (PDF 588KB)
22 Central Highlands Area Consultative Committee (PDF 951KB)
23 Greater Brisbane Area Consultative Committee (PDF 849KB)
24 Australian Project Development Pty Ltd (PDF 881KB)
25 City of Tea Tree Gully (PDF 238KB)
26 Far North Queensland Area Consultative Committee (PDF 314KB)
27 Mr Peter Andren MP (PDF 1003KB)
27a Mr Peter Andren MP (PDF 195KB)
28 Mr Michael Ferguson MP (PDF 1688KB)
29 Australia's Holiday Coast Area Consultative Committee (PDF 294KB)
30 Tasmanian Employment Advisory Council Inc. Area Consultative Committee (PDF 1411KB)
31 Tasmanian Orford/Triabunna Region Chamber of Commerce (PDF 469KB)
32 Mr Peter Botfield (PDF 1646KB)
33 North Burnett Regional Economic Development Council Inc. (PDF 760KB)
33a North Burnett Regional Economic Development Council Inc. (PDF 539KB)
34 Department of Local Government and Regional Development
Government of Western Australia (PDF 281KB)
35 Pilbara Area Consultative Committee (PDF 1818KB)
'A Pilbara Portait' and Annual Report 2003/2004 pamphlets
(PDF 4766KB)
36 Albury-Wodonga Area Consultative Committee (PDF 933KB)
37 The Hon. Paul Lennon, Premier of Tasmania (PDF 224KB)
38 Mr Jon Stanhope MLA, Chief Minister of the ACT (PDF 131KB)
39 Gold Coast City Council (PDF 607KB)
40 Mr Michael Nasser, jointly with Ms Liz Rose, Mr John Palmer, Mr Joe Hill and Mr Len Curtis (PDF 1156KB)
41 Mr Colin Bell (PDF 178KB)
42 Mr Trevor Khan (PDF 735KB)
43 Mr Gregory Kevin Maguire (PDF 730KB)
44 Mr Alan Bragg (PDF 112KB)
46 Mr & Mrs Richards (PDF 66KB)
47 Ms Taylor (PDF 1228KB)
48 Mr Denis J. McKinley (PDF 452KB)
48a Mr Denis J. McKinley (PDF 86KB)
49 Ms Doreen Mortimore (PDF 73KB)
50 Mr & Mrs Les & Jenny Tenni (PDF 177KB)
51 Orana Development and Employment Council (PDF 309KB)
52 Professors Victor Minichiello and John Pegg (PDF 71KB)
53 Mr Lindsay Stewart (PDF 408KB)
54 Goldfields Esperance Area Consultative Committee (PDF 127KB)
55 Ms Jean Campbell (PDF 449KB)
(These documents are available in hardcopy from the Secretariat on request.)
55a Ms Jean Campbell (PDF 80KB)
60 Ms Alicia Cameron, LINC TV (PDF 448KB)

The closing date for lodging submissions is 28 January 2005.

For further information or to obtain hard copies of submissions, contact: