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An inquiry into the digital delivery of government service, with particular reference to: whether planned and existing programs are able to digitally deliver services; strategies for whole of government digital transformation; and digital project delivery. 

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07 May 2018: Canberra, ACT
23 Mar 2018: Canberra, ACT
14 Mar 2018: Sydney, NSW


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Digital delivery of government services

On 16 August 2017, the following matter was referred to Finance and Public Administration References Committee for inquiry and report by 4 December 2017:

Digital delivery of government services, with particular reference to:

  1. whether planned and existing programs are able to digitally deliver services with due regard for:
    1. privacy,
    2. security,
    3. quality and reliability, and
    4. value for money;
  2. strategies for whole of government digital transformation;
  3. digital project delivery, including:
    1. project governance,
    2. design and build of platforms,
    3. the adequacy of available capabilities both within the public sector and externally, and
    4. procurement of digital services and equipment; and
  4. any other related matters.

The committee have agreed to accept submissions until 22 December 2017.  

The reporting date was subsequently extened to 20 March 2018, then to 14 May 2018. On the 8 May 2018 the Senate granted a further extension of time for reporting until 19 June 2018.

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