Appendix 7

Appendix 7

Previous Committee Inquiries

Incursions of pests and diseases into Australia

The committee conducted the following inquiries which relate to the management of particular incursions of pests and diseases into Australia:

Biosecurity and quarantine

In June 2010, the Senate referred to the committee an inquiry into the adequacy of Australia's biosecurity and quarantine arrangements, including the issue of resourcing.

As part of the terms of reference, the committee examined progress toward reform of the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) export fees and charges regime. Given the timing of reforms, the committee resolved to inquire and report on this particular issue separately. The committee tabled Biosecurity and quarantine arrangements – Interim report: the management of the removal of the fee rebate for AQIS export certification functions on 12 December 2011. The committee's report on the remaining terms of reference – Australia's biosecurity and quarantine arrangements – was tabled in April 2012.

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