Appendix 2

Public Hearings

Tuesday, 7 September 2021
Northern Territory
Pancho Beef
Dr Rebecca Mohr-Bell
Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association
Mr David Connolly, President
Mr Will Evans, Chief Executive Officer
Northern Territory Department of Primary Industries and Resources
Mr Luke Bowen, Chief Executive Officer – Agriculture, Fisheries and Defence
Thursday, 16 September 2021
Videoconference/Australian Parliament House, Canberra
Cattle Council of Australia
Mr Markus Rathsmann, President
Ms Corrine Dooley, Senior Policy Officer
Sheep Producers Australia
Mr Stephen Crisp, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Bonnie Skinner, General Manager – Policy and Advocacy
Australian Beef Sustainability Framework
Mrs Tess Herbert, Chair
Australian Lot Feeders’ Association
Mr Christian Mulders, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Barbara Madden, Treasurer
Mr Bryce Camm, President
Australian Duck Meat Association
Dr Greg Parkinson, Chief Executive Officer
Australian Chicken Meat Federation Inc
Dr Vivien Kite, Executive Director
Seafood Industry Australia Ltd
Ms Veronica Papacosta, Chief Executive Officer
Livestock SA
Mr Andrew Curtis, Chief Executive Officer
Australian Pork Limited
Ms Margo Andrae, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Heidi Reid, Policy Director
NSW Farmers Association
Dr James Jackson, President
Mr Ben Antenucci, Policy Director – Agricultural Studies
Victorian Farmers Association
Ms Emma Germano, President
WA Farmers
Mr Geoff Pearson, Lifestock President
Mrs Jessica Wallace, Executive Manager – Policy, Advocacy and Engagement
Friday, 17 September 2021
Videoconference/Australian Parliament House, Canberra
No Meat May
Mr Ryan Alexander, Co-Founder/Managing Director
Australian Vegans
Ms Katherine Divine, Founder/Editor
Mr Bobby Ratmarjah, Columnist
Vegan Australia
Mr Greg McFarlane, Director
Vegan NSW Inc
Ms Michelle Gravolin, Chief Executive Officer
Animal Defenders Office Inc.
Ms Tara Ward, Managing Solicitor
Animal Justice Party
Dr Tamasin Ramsay, Policy Advisor
Mr Mike Fuery, Regional Group Leader – Albury Wodonga
Animal Liberation Queensland
Mr Chay Neal, Executive Director
Property Rights Australia
Ms Joanne Rea, Chair
The Pastoralists’ Association of West Darling
Mr Matt Jackson, President
Green Shirts Movement Queensland
Dr Rachel Cruwys, Director
National Farmers' Federation
Mr Tony Mahar, Chief Executive Officer
Mrs Erin Lukey, Senior Policy Officer
Mr Mike Darby, General Manager – Rural Affairs
Australian Food & Grocery Council
Dr Geoffrey Annison, Deputy Chief Executive
Ms Anne-Marie Mackintosh, Policy Manager – Nutrition and Regulation
Mick’s Meat Barn
Mr Liam Richards, Owner
Sutcliffe Meats
Mr Stephen Kelly, Managing Director
Monday, 8 November 2021
Videoconference/Australian Parliament House, Canberra
Australian Farm Institute
Ms Katie McRobert, General Manager
Australian Plant Proteins
Mr Brendan McKeegan, Director and Co-Founder
Australian Foodservice Advocacy Body
Mr Tony Green, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Rod Fowler, Board Adviser
Alternative Proteins Council
Ms Kirstin Grinter, Chair
Mr Roger Bektash, Committee Member
Australian Oilseed Federation
Mr Nicholas Goddard, Chief Executive Officer
Mr David McKwon, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Tyson Cattle, National Public Affairs Manager
AgForce Queensland Farmers Limited
Mr Michael Geurin, Chief Executive Officer
Mr William Wilson, Cattle President
Becker and Co.
Ms Sarah Becker, Director
Somerset Trading
Mr Ben Somerset, Property Manager
Producer Representatives
Ms Emily Pullen
Mr Dale Stiller
Ms Elisha Parker
Mr Troy Setter
Arcadian Organic and Natural Meat Co Pty Ltd
Mr Paul da Silva, Marketing Director
Coffey Cattle Co.
Mr Adam Coffey, Owner and Director
Mrs Jacynta Coffey, Owner and Director
Keppel Brand
Mr Mark Davie, Director
Food Frontier
Mr Thomas King, Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Monday, 6 December 2021
Videoconference/Australian Parliament House, Canberra
Impossible Foods
Mr Tyler Jameson, Vice President – Government Relations
Beyond Meat
Ms Jessica O’Connell, Counsel
Australian Dairy Industry Council
Mr Craig Hough, Director – Strategy and Policy, Australian Dairy Farmers
Ms Janine Waller, Executive Director, Australian Dairy Products Federation
Ms Melissa Cameron, Manager – Human Health and Nutrition Policy, Dairy Australia
Mr Rick Gladigau, President, Australian Dairy Industry Council
Western Meat Exporters
Ms Miriam Blythe, Export Manager
Ms Judi Zielke, Chief Operating Officer
Dr Michael Robertson, Director – Health and Biosecurity
Ms Kirsten Rose, Executive Director – Future Industries
Mr Kjetil Hansen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Mr Nick Hazell, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Andrew May, Chief Growth Officer
Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
Mr Mick Keogh, Deputy Chair
Mr Rami Greiss, Executive Manager – Consumer and Fair Trading Division
Tuesday, 7 December 2021
Videoconference – Australian Parliament House, Canberra
Australian Sustainable Animal Protein Production
Dr Paul Wood AO, Independent Chair
Dr Rodney Polkinghorne OAM, Lead Facilitator
Private Capacity
Dr Gary Fettke
Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment
Ms Rosemary Deininger, Deputy Secretary
Ms Joanna Stanion, First Assistant Secretary
Mr Paul Denny, Assistant Secretary
Food Standards Australia New Zealand
Dr Sandra Cuthbert, Interim Chief Executive Officer
Ms Jenny Hazelton, Director – Labelling and Information Standards
Mr Glen Neal, General Manager, Risk Management and Intelligence (New Zealand)
Australian Meat Industry Council
Mr Patrick Hutchinson, Chief Executive Officer
Red Meat Advisory Council
Mr Alastair James, Chief Executive Officer
Mr John McKillop, Independent Chair

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