Rural water resource usage

Rural water resource usage

12 August 2004

© Commonwealth of Australia 2004

ISBN 0 642 71437 1

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Membership of the committee (PDF format - 146 Kb) (HTML format)
Recommendations (PDF format - 81 Kb) (HTML format)
CHAPTER 1 (PDF format - 124 Kb) (HTML format)

Conduct of the inquiry.
Summary background.
Structure of the report

CHAPTER 2 (PDF format - 176 Kb) (HTML format)

Water Policy in Australia.
COAGs Water Reform Framework, 1994.
The Murray-Darling Basin Agreement and the cap.
Related initiatives during the 1990s.
The Living Murray Initiative and the First Step water recovery project
The National Water Initiative, 2003

CHAPTER 3 (PDF format - 177 Kb) (HTML format)

Issues to do with water access entitlements.
Whether secure title will impede environmental management needs.
Concerns about giving public property to farmers.
Conditions under which entitlements may be cancelled.
Effects of separate water title on land values and council rates.
Effects of review of water plans

CHAPTER 4 (PDF format - 183 Kb) (HTML format)

Issues to do with water trading.
Who should be allowed to buy water?.
Need for structural adjustment assistance.
Problem of stranded assets.
Unintended effects of trade: activating sleepers.
Need for nationally consistent regulation of trade

CHAPTER 5 (PDF format - 228 Kb) (HTML format)

Other issues.
Encouraging more efficient water use.
Recovering overallocated water.
Allowing for water interception by landuse changes.
Example of overallocation: the Lower Balonne.
Example of groundwater management problems: the Latrobe aquifer.
Coordination of research on water

DISSENTING REPORT by Senator McGauran (PDF format - 97 Kb) (HTML format)
APPENDIX 1 (PDF format - 84 Kb) (HTML format)
List of Submissions
APPENDIX 2 (PDF format - 148 Kb) (HTML format)
Witnesses at Public Hearings
APPENDIX 3 (PDF format - 119 Kb) (HTML format)

Documents Tabled at Public Hearings.

APPENDIX 4 (PDF format - 83 Kb) (HTML format)
Additional Information
APPENDIX 5 (PDF format - 177 Kb) (HTML format)

Sources and statistics on water use.
National Land and Water Resources Audit (NLWRA).
Australian Water Data Infrastructure Project
Australian Bureau of Statistics.
Statistical overview.
Water Availability.
Water Use.
Uses of water.
Financial return.
International comparisons