Submissions received by the Committee

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1Mr Bryan Seymour (PDF 1186 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 33622 KB) 
2Mr Robin Darroch (PDF 55 KB) 
3Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development  (PDF 102 KB) 
4Homeland Security Asia/Pacific (PDF 928 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 1626 KB)  Attachment 2 (PDF 209 KB) 
5Board of Airline Representatives of Australia (PDF 570 KB) 
6Australian & International Pilots Association  (PDF 286 KB) 
7Mr Richard Rudd (PDF 46 KB) 
8Australia Pacific Airports (Melbourne) Pty Ltd (PDF 3898 KB) 
9Regional Aviation Association of Australia (PDF 432 KB) 
10Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) (PDF 109 KB) 
11Regional Express (PDF 354 KB) 
12Law Council of Australia (PDF 85 KB) 
13Australian Security Industry Association Ltd  (PDF 58 KB) 
14Qantas Airways Limited (PDF 465 KB) 
15Office of the Inspector of Transport Security (PDF 61 KB) 
16Australian Federal Police (PDF 110 KB) 
17Australian Airports Association  (PDF 381 KB) 
18United Voice (PDF 511 KB) 
19Immigration and Border Protection Portfolio (PDF 1935 KB) 
20National LGBTI Health Alliance (PDF 1349 KB) 

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