List of recommendations

List of recommendations

Recommendation 1

6.19    The committee recommends that a transparent pricing mechanism be introduced at livestock saleyards and that Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) in cooperation with the livestock and red meat industry, establish a national price disclosure and reporting system.

Recommendation 2

6.22    The committee recommends that industry and producers work together to establish best practice modelling for saleyard design in cooperation with producers and their representatives.

Recommendation 3

6.26    The committee recommends that the Australian Government introduce legislation to prohibit concerted practices as soon as practicable.

Recommendation 4

6.30    The committee recommends the establishment of a registration and training system for livestock agents. In addition, the committee recommends that a system of oversight be introduced by the registration body which includes a formal complaints mechanism.

Recommendation 5

6.36    The committee recommends that the Senate extend the inquiry reporting date to 20 December 2016.

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