Submissions received by the Committee

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1Buderim Ginger Limited (PDF 289 KB) 
2Mr John Allen (PDF 112 KB) 
3Mr Barry Gill (PDF 360 KB) 
4Australian Ginger Growers Association (PDF 374 KB) 
5Templeton Ginger (PDF 137 KB) 
6Office of the Mayor, Gympie Regional Council (PDF 99 KB) 
7Peasley Horticultural Services (PDF 239 KB) 
8Sunshine Coast Council (PDF 1452 KB) 
9Australian Ginger Industry Association (PDF 647 KB) 
10Landmark (PDF 38 KB) 
11Biosecurity Authority of Fiji (PDF 3796 KB) 
12Botanical Food Company Pty Ltd (PDF 142 KB) 
13Mr David Gibson MP (PDF 129 KB) 
14Murray Bros. (PDF 55 KB) 
15Dr Graham Stirling (PDF 55 KB) 

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