List of abbreviations

AAUS Australian Association for Unmanned Systems
Act Civil Aviation Act 1988
ADS-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast
AGL Above Ground Level
AIN Aviation Infringement Notice
ASAP Aviation Safety Advisory Panel
ASTRA Australian Strategic Air Traffic Management Group
ATCO Air Traffic Control Operators
ATM Air traffic management
ATSB Australian Transport and Safety Bureau
AusALPA Australian Airline Pilots' Association
BVLOS Beyond visual line of sight
CAR Civil Aviation Regulations 1988
CASA Civil Aviation Safety Authority
CASR Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CIRRIS Corporate Integrated Reporting and Risk Information System
CMATS Civil Military Air Traffic Management System
Committee Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee
DAA Detect and Avoid
Defence Department of Defence
DHA Department of Home Affairs (formerly the Department of Immigration and Border Protection)
DIRDC The Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities (formerly the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development)
EASA European Aviation Safety Agency
FAA Federal Aviation Administration (United States)
GPS Global Positioning System
HLS Helicopter landing site
IAA Irish Aviation Authority
IALPG International Aerospace Law and Policy Group
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
IFR Instrument Flight Rules
JARUS Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems
MAAA Model Aeronautical Association of Australia
NFRM Notice of Final Rule Making
NPRM Notice of Proposed Rule Making
PANS Procedures for Air Navigation Services
RA Restricted Area
RAAO Recreational Aviation Administration Organisation
RA-Aus Recreational Aviation Australia
ReOC Remote pilot operator's certificate
RePL Remote pilot licence
Rex Regional Express Airlines
RMIT Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
RPA Remotely piloted aircraft
RPAS Remotely piloted aircraft systems
RPT Regular public transport
RTF Unmanned Aircraft Systems Registration Task Force Aviation Rulemaking Committee (US)
SARPs Standards and Recommended Practices
SIM card Subscriber identification module (used in mobile phones)
SOC Standard Operating Conditions
TCAS Traffic Collision Avoidance System
UAS Unmanned aerial systems
UASSC Unmanned Aircraft Systems Standards Sub-committee
UAV Unmanned aerial vehicle
UK United Kingdom
US United States of America
UTM Unmanned traffic management
VIPA Virgin Independent Pilots Association

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