Submissions received by the Committee

Pilot training and airline safety including consideration of the Transport Safety Investigation Amendment (Incident Reports) Bill 2010

Submissions received by the Committee

Sub No.

1Mr Alexander Reith (PDF 32KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 36KB) 
2Mr Doug Edwards (PDF 388KB) 
3Department of Aviation, University of New South Wales (UNSW) (PDF 734KB) 
4Mr John Alldis (PDF 34KB) 
5Mr Geoff Klouth (PDF 51KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 43KB) 
6Australian and International Pilots' Association (PDF 238KB) Additional Information 1(PDF 316KB) Additional Information 2(PDF 716KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 2303KB) 
7Name Withheld (PDF 73KB) Attachment 1(PDF 19KB) 
9Name Withheld (PDF 42KB) 
10Mr Richard Green (PDF 12KB) 
11Mr Stan van de Wiel  (PDF 109KB) 
12Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) (PDF 140KB) Additional Information 1(PDF 5228KB) 
13Mr Brad Coombe (PDF 85KB) 
14Tiger Airways Australia (PDF 160KB) 
15Mr Stephen Phillips (PDF 74KB) 
16Cobham Aviation Services Australia (PDF 480KB) 
17Virgin Blue Group (PDF 82KB) 
18CAE (PDF 54KB) 
19Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) (PDF 381KB) 
20Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia Ltd (PDF 306KB) 
21Mr Chris Manning (PDF 72KB) 
22West Wing Aviation (PDF 185KB) 
23Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators (PDF 142KB) 
24Regional Express Holdings Ltd (PDF 238KB) 
25Australian Transport Safety Bureau (PDF 187KB) 
26Mr George Schuit (PDF 42KB) 
27CTC Aviation Group plc (PDF 35KB) 
28Mr Peter Sadler (PDF 14KB) 
29Oxford Aviation Academy (PDF 657KB) 
30Swinburne University of Technology (PDF 255KB) 
31Qantas Airways Limited and Jetstar (PDF 846KB) 
32Australian Airports Association (AAA) (PDF 24KB) 
33- F A Walker (PDF 16KB) 
34Mr Martin Watson (PDF 19KB) 
35Boeing Training and Flight Services (PDF 113KB) Attachment 1(PDF 42KB) Attachment 2(PDF 102KB) Attachment 3(PDF 1563KB) 
36Australian Services Union (ASU) (PDF 135KB) 
37VIPA (PDF 168KB) 
38Pilot Career Initiative (PCI) (PDF 108KB) 
39Ms Fiona Norris (PDF 13KB) 
40Mr Robert Loretan (PDF 56KB) 
41Australian Federation of Air Pilots (PDF 472KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 172KB) 
42Glenalmond Engineering (PDF 168KB) 
43Mr Shane Urquhart (PDF 5536KB) Attachment 1(PDF 59KB) 
44Griffith University (PDF 1496KB) 
45Multi crew Airline Training Systems (PDF 105KB) 
46Mr John Laming (PDF 8071KB) Attachment 1(PDF 1480KB) 
47Mr Alan Wilson and Mr Grant Burley (PDF 6903KB) 
48Mr George McArthur (PDF 1582KB) 
49Australian Licenced Aircraft Engineers Association (PDF 1338KB) 
50Australia Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) (PDF 205KB) 
51Ms Susan Michaelis ATPL, PhD (PDF 32KB) 
52Ms Monique Neeteson-Lemkes  (PDF 89KB) 
53Dr Ben Balzer (PDF 45KB) 
54Mr Ross Steele (PDF 1558KB) 
55Mr Peter Young (PDF 24KB) 

Additional Information Received

1Tabled document received from Australian and International Pilots Association on 1 December 2010 in Sydney. Copy of a Jetstar 'Flight Standing Order (FSO) 212/10' on Cadet First Officers;(PDF 974KB) 
2Tabled document received from Senator Xenophon on 18 March 2011 in Canberra. Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) report titled on 'Special Fatigue Audit: Jetstar';(PDF 5210KB) 
3Tabled document received from Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) on 18 March 2011 in Canberra. Copy of Audit report from CASA to Mr Bruce Buchanan, Chief Executive Office, Jetstar;(PDF 710KB) 
4Tabled document received from Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) on 18 March 2011 in Canberra. Copy of letters from CASA to Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) Holders regarding AOC Holder Accountability – Important information for Chief Executive Officers. Directors and other 'Accountable' Persons dated 10 February 2011;(PDF 131KB) 
5Tabled document received from Senator Xenophon on 31 March 2011 in Canberra. Copy of an anonymous email;(PDF 316KB) 

Answers to Questions on Notice

1Answers to questions taken on notice on 25 February 2011 in Canberra(PDF 4587KB) 
2Answers to questions taken on notice on 18 March 2011 in Canberra(PDF 1338KB) 
3Answers to questions taken on notice on 31 March 2011 in Canberra(PDF 956KB) 
4Answers to questions taken on notice on 27 May 2011 in Canberra(PDF 873KB) 

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