Submissions received by the Committee

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1Ms Chris Nikolic (PDF 384 KB) 
2Animal Health Australia (PDF 247 KB) 
3Maritime Union of Australia (PDF 723 KB) 
4Office of the Inspector-General of Biosecurity (PDF 170 KB) 
5Ms Julie Parker (PDF 32 KB) 
6Fremantle Port Authorities (PDF 103 KB) 
7Cruise Lines International Association Australasia (PDF 237 KB) 
8Shipping Australia (PDF 271 KB) 
9Carnival Australia (PDF 414 KB) 
10Ports Australia (PDF 209 KB) 
11Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (PDF 285 KB) 
12Western Australian Department of Health (PDF 125 KB) 
13Integrity Systems Company (PDF 175 KB) 
14Maritime Industry Australia Ltd (PDF 263 KB) 

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