Appendix 2

Appendix 2

Public Hearings

Wednesday, 8 October 2014 – Perth

IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management

Dr Judy Fisher, Theme Leader, Ecosystems and Invasive Species

Dr Andrew Burbidge, Private capacity

Council of Australasian Weed Societies Inc

Ms Anna-Marie Penna, Vice-President

Department of Fisheries, Western Australia

Mr Michael McMullan, Acting Director-General

Ms Victoria Aitken, Biosecurity Section Leader

Friday, 31 October 2014 – Canberra

Community and Public Sector Union

Mr Rupert Evans, Deputy Secretary

Ms Marian Blake, Agriculture Section Secretary

Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre

Mr Andreas Glanznig, Chief Executive Officer

Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre

Dr Sophie Peterson, Research Coordinator

Dr William Roberts, Principal Scientist

Wet Tropics Management Authority

Mr Andrew Maclean, Executive Director

Department of Agriculture

Ms Rona Mellor, Deputy Secretary

Mr Greg Williamson, First Assistant Secretary

Mr Ian Thompson, First Assistant Secretary, Sustainability and Biosecurity Policy

Ms Nicola Hinder, Assistant Secretary

Department of the Environment

Mr Stephen Oxley, First Assistant Secretary, Wildlife Heritage and Marine Division

Mr Paul Murphy, Assistant Secretary, Wildlife Trade and Biosecurity Branch, Wildlife Heritage and Marine Division

Ms Joanne Nathan, Director, Environmental Biosecurity Section, Wildlife Trade and Biosecurity Branch

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Mr Toby Stone, General Manager, Marine Environment Division

Plant Health Australia

Mr Michael Milne, Acting Chief Executive Officer

Dr Susanna Driessen, General Manager, Emergency Preparedness and Response

Mr Rodney Turner, General Manager, Risk Management

Animal Health Australia

Ms Kathleen Plowman, Chief Executive Officer

Monday, 10 November 2014 – Hobart

Australian Network for Plant Conservation Inc

Mr Robert Makinson, Member, National Management Committee


Mr Anthony Cannon, Managing Director

Mr Richard Stoklosa, Private capacity

Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association

Mr Peter Skillern, Policy Manager

Mr Nicholas Steel, Rural Affairs Manager

Wildlife Health Australia Inc

Dr Rupert Woods, Chief Executive Officer

National Aquaculture Council

Mr Pheroze Jungalwalla, Independent Executive Chair

Tasmanian Salmonid Growers Association Limited

Dr Adam Main, Chief Executive Officer

Biosecurity Tasmania

Dr Stephen Harris, Manager, Invasive Species Branch

Dr Robert Klumpp, General Manager

Tuesday, 11 November 2014 – Sydney

Dr Sophie Riley, Private capacity

Nursery and Garden Industry Australia

Mr Robert Prince, Chief Executive Officer

CSIRO Biosecurity Flagship

Dr Andy Sheppard, Research Director

Dr Louise Morin, Group Leader

Invasive Species Council

Mr Andrew Cox, Chief Executive Officer

Dr Carol Booth, Policy Officer

Australian Museum

Dr Donald Colgan, Principal Research Scientist, Group Head Malacology

Dr Shane Ahyong, Senior Research Scientist, Manager Marine Invertebrates

Dr Patricia Hutchings, Senior Principal Research Scientist

Zoo and Aquarium Association

Dr Carolyn Hogg, Manager, Science and Policy

Natural Resources Commission NSW

Dr John Keniry, Commissioner

Mr Bryce Wilde, Executive Director

Dr Lori Lach, Private capacity

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