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The adequacy of arrangements to prevent the entry and establishment of invasive species likely to harm Australia's natural environment, including recent biosecurity performance and Australia's state of preparedness for new environmental incursions.

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11 Nov 2014: SYDNEY, NSW
10 Nov 2014: HOBART, TAS
31 Oct 2014: CANBERRA, ACT


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1 Background information provided by Dr Fisher, Perth, 8 October 2014.
2 Background information provided by the Department of Fisheries, Perth, 8 October 2014.
3 Invasive Animals CRC, report provided on 21 October 2004: Henderson W and Bomford M (2011), 'Detecting and preventing new incursions of exotic animals in Australia'.
4 Invasive Animals CRC, report provided on 21 October 2014: Gregory SA, Henderson W, Smee E and Cassey P (2014), 'Eradications of vertebrate pests in Australia: A review and guidelines for future best practice'.
5 Invasive Animals CRC, report provided on 21 October 2014: Joan Dawes (2008), 'Canada Geese - A New Incursion into Australia'.
6 Zoo and Aquarium Association, paper published by Phillip Cassey and Carolyn J Hogg: Escaping captivity: The biological invasion risk from vertebrate species.
7 Research paper: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - recently introduced pathogens of invasive flora may threaten endangered native species by Peter Ridgeway and Alex Burgess-Buxton, provided by Peter Ridgeway, 24 November 2014

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