Turning back the tide-the invasive species challenge

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Turning back the tide-the invasive species challenge

Report on the regulation, control and management of invasive species and the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment (Invasive Species) Bill 2002

8 December 2004

© Commonwealth of Australia 2004
ISBN 0 642 71308 1

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Committee Membership (PDF 141KB)  
Recommendations (PDF 151KB)  
Preface (PDF 178KB)  
Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF 286KB)  

The current situation in Australia
Economic Impact
Environmental Impact
Social impact

Chapter 2 - Regulatory and legislative framework (PDF 287KB)  

Constitutional limitations and intergovernmental arrangements
Commonwealth legislative framework
State and Territory legislation
Local government
International legislation and conventions

Chapter 3 - Institutional Arrangements (PDF 251KB)  

Ministerial Council
Natural Resources Management Ministerial Council (NRMMC)
Primary Industries Ministerial Council (PIMC)
National Strategies and Committees
Coordinating Committee for Introduced Marine Pest Emergencies (CCIMPE)
Natural Heritage Trust
Natural Resource Management - the local approach to funding

Chapter 4 - Cost of responding to invasive species (PDF 280KB)  

Cost benefit ratios
Early eradication
Damage mitigation

Chapter 5 - Management of invasive species within Australia (PDF 360KB)  

Commonwealth, State and Territory action
Commonwealth action

Chapter 6 - Management of invasive species at the coastal border (PDF 369KB)  

Border control
Protection of the marine environment

Chapter 7 - Environment Protection and Biodiversity-Conservation Amendment (Invasive Species) Bill 2002 (PDF 230KB)  

Overview of the Bill
Comment on the Bill
Committee discussion

Chapter 8 - The Way Forward (PDF 219KB)  

A national framework

Appendix 1 (PDF 86KB)  
List of submitters
Appendix 2 (PDF 113KB)  
Witnesses appearing at public hearings
Appendix 3 (PDF 145KB)  
Appendix 4 (PDF 1873KB)  

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