Appendix 3 - Exhibits

Appendix 3 - Exhibits

Brisbane - 14 April 2004

CRC for Australian Weed Management

Statement to Senate Committee inquiry into invasive species, Brisbane, Wednesday, 14 April 2004

Schedule of Australian flora and fauna threatened by invasive plants

How to discover new weeds using Oxalis to trace sources of infections, by Randall W. Robinson. Published in Proceedings, first biennial Conference: developments in weed management, 20-21 August 2003. Frankston, Vic.: Weed Society of Victoria, 2003.

CRC for Australian Weed Management - Technical Series #8: The economic impact of weeds in Australia, February 2004

The cost of serrated tussock control in central western Victoria, A report prepared for the serrated tussock working group, September 1997

The distribution and impact of South/North American stipoid grasses (Poaceae: Stipeae) in Australia, by D.A. McLaren, V. Stajsic and M.R. Gardner, Plant Protection Quarterly Vol. 13(2) 1998, pp 62 - 69

The economics of serrated tussock in New South Wales, by R.E. Jones and D.T. Vere, Plant Protection Quarterly Vol. 13(2) 1998, pp 70 - 76

Parks Australia

Director of National Parks, Annual Report 2002-03

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Reef CRC booklet - Introduced species in tropical waters, March 2004

Canberra - 18 June 2004

Senator Tchen

Extract from the Senate Hansard, 18 June 2004, pp. 23769 - 70. Speech by Senator Ian Macdonald headed Environment: Invasive Species.

WWF Australia

Chart entitled Summary of controls and availability of invasive plants of national importance

Front door wide open to weeds: An examination of the weed species permitted for import without risk assessment, A report prepared for WWF Australia by Dr Helen Spafford Jacob, CRC for Australian Weed Management, University of Western Australia, Mr Rod Randall, CRC for Australian Weed Management, Ms Sandy Lloyd, CRC for Australian Weed Management, March 2004

Invasive plants of national importance and their legal status by State and Territory, A report by Andreas Glanznig and Ouerdia Kessal, WWF Australia, June 2004

Department of Environment and Heritage project application guidelines entitled Weeds of National Significance, Research into control of Weeds of National Significance - 2004-05

Plant Health Australia

National Weeds Workshop - Workshop Proceedings, Plant Health Australia/ Australian Weeds Committee, February 2002

Stocktake of existing systems for contingency planning and response action and consideration of their adequacy, Plant Health Australia, 2001

Stocktake of existing systems for contingency planning and response action and consideration of their adequacy Part II, A report commissioned by Plant Health Australia and prepared by the Office of the Chief Plant Protection Officer, February 2002

Australian Veterinary Association and the Cattle Council of Australia

Copy of AVA/Cattle Council submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry dated 14 May 2004

Map of Australia entitled Feral pig distribution

Map of Australia entitled Wild dog distribution

Map of Queensland entitled Neospora seroprevalence

Adelaide - 28 June 2004

Nursery and Garden Industry South Australia Inc.

Grow Me Instead! A guide for gardeners in the greater Sydney district, produced by Nursery and Garden Industry, NSW & ACT

CSIRO Marine Research

Hard copy set of slides

Marine and Coastal Community Network

A hard copy set of Mr Allen's slides entitled Introduced Marine Pests: Less Talk, More Action; and

What options exist for ballast water treatment, Waves, Vol 10, No. 1, Autumn 2004, pages 15-16

Mr Ed McAlister, CEO of the Royal Zoological Society of Adelaide

Flinders journal, Volume 15, No. 9, June 7-20 2004 - containing article entitled Climbing seagull numbers represent more than a picnic pest;

Newspaws, Perth Zoo's Official Magazine, Winter 2004 - containing article entitled Poison pea putting an end to feral peril;

Zoo Times article (undated) headed Pest control by Mr Tony Peacock, Chief Executive, Pest Animal Control CRC

Exhibits accepted by resolution of the Committee

AgForce Queensland

Economic Assessment of the Impact of Dingoes/Wild Dogs in Queensland, Rural Management Partners, April 2004.

Plant Health Australia

PLANTPLAN, Australian Emergency Plant Pest Response Plan, Emergency preparedness and response guidelines for Australia's agricultural industries, Version 1, July 2004

Nursery and Garden Industry SA Inc

Alternatives to invasive garden plants - Greater Adelaide Region, 2004, CRC for Australian Weed Management Factsheet

Landcare Notes: Declared noxious weeds, Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment, July 2004

Discovering Alternatives to Garden Escapes. Stopping the Spread of Invasive Plants, Nursery and Garden Industry NSW and ACT