Appendix 2

Appendix 2

Public hearings

Brisbane, 21 April 2015

Australia's Network of Environmental Defenders Offices

Ms Jo-Anne Bragg, Chief Executive Officer, Solicitor, Environmental Defenders Office, Queensland
Ms Jess Feehely, Principal Lawyer, Environmental Defenders Office, Tasmania
Mr David Morris, Principal Lawyer, Environmental Defenders Office, Northern Territory
Ms Rachel Walmsley, Policy and Law Reform Director, Environmental Defenders Office, New South Wales

Queensland Conservation Council

Ms Nichola Hungerford, Coordinator

Ms Ingrid Strewe, Private capacity

Ms Kate Watson, Private capacity

Australian Rainforest Conservation Society Inc

Dr Aila Keto, President

Canberra, 13 May 2015

Department of the Environment

Ms Benedikte Jensen, First Assistant Secretary
Mr Sean Sullivan, First Assistant Secretary, Biodiversity Conservation Division Ms Emma Campbell, Acting Assistant Secretary

Attorney-General's Department

Ms Elizabeth Quinn, Assistant Secretary, Legal Assistance Branch
Ms Joan Jardine, Director, Community Legal Services Section, Legal Assistance Branch, Access to Justice Division

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