Additional comments by Coalition Senators

1.1        Coalition Senators feel that the Committee’s majority report is inaccurate in many areas and is politically overreaching. Coalition Senators specifically note the following regarding recommendations 17 and 18.

1.2        Coalition Senators disagree with recommendation 17 on the grounds that the Australian Industry Participation Authority is adequately funded through departmental appropriation and is underpinned by the Australian Jobs Act 2013

1.3        Coalition Senators disagree with recommendation 18 on the grounds that Australian Industry Participation (AIP) Plans require a successful tenderer for procurements valued at $20 million or more to outline the actions they will take to provide Australian suppliers with full, fair and reasonable opportunity to supply to the project. A requirement for all tenderers for Commonwealth projects to submit AIP Plans represents an unnecessary regulatory burden upon prospective tenderers.

Senator Jane Hume
Deputy Chair

Senator Ian Macdonald
Liberal Party Senator for Queensland

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