1.1        The Greens agree with the majority report and support the recommendations contained within.

1.2        We are particularly concerned with both the process of identifying the location for the relocation of the APVMA and the impact of the relocation of the APVMA on the integrity of the institution and the ability of the regulator to carry out its functions.

1.3        Given both the Ernst and Young report[1] and the inadequate APVMA Relocation Strategy,[2] we believe that there is sufficient evidence to demonstrate that there is no net-benefit to relocating the APVMA to Armidale.

1.4        Therefore we believe that although pausing the APVMA relocation is appropriate (as recommended in the majority report), the idea should be scrapped entirely and the APVMA should remain in the ACT.

1.5        We hope that future attempts at decentralisation are considered more rigorously and holistically, and we support the recommendation for the establishment of a committee to investigate when and where decentralisation is appropriate.

Recommendation 1: That the APVMA relocation be scrapped entirely and that the APVMA remain located at its current site in the ACT

Senator Janet Rice
Greens spokesperson for Agriculture and Rural Affairs

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