Recommendation 1 

8.14    The committee recommends that the Government provide funding to the National Landcare Programme to the same level as provided under Caring for our Country.

Recommendation 2 

8.16    The committee recommends that the 25th Anniversary Landcare Grants Programme be maintained as a continuing small grants program over the forward estimates.

Recommendation 3 

8.22    The committee recommends that the further information about Green Army projects be made publicly available. This information should include project timeframes, project status, and an assessment of the environmental outcomes both immediately following completion of the project and after a suitable monitoring period.

Recommendation 4 

8.25    The committee recommends that a comprehensive review of the Green Army Programme and the 20 Million Trees Programme be undertaken by June 2016 to ensure that the programs are meeting their stated goals and that the Commonwealth Government is receiving good value for money from its investment.

Recommendation 5 

8.33    The committee recommends that the Commonwealth Government consider avenues to ensure the continuation of landscape scale projects and to foster further collaboration between stakeholders on long-term landscape scale strategic planning and action.

Recommendation 6 

8.38    The committee recommends that the Commonwealth Government review the funding model for the National Landcare Programme with a view to reinstating funding for facilitators and community support staff.

Recommendation 7 

8.40    The committee recommends that the Commonwealth Government conducts a review of factors contributing to disengagement of landholders in NRM activities with a view to addressing those factors and increasing landholder engagement.

Recommendation 8 

8.41    The committee recommends that the Commonwealth Government works to further foster linkages between regional NRM bodies and industry groups.

Recommendation 9 

8.44    The committee recommends that reporting be proportionate to the size of a project or grant. Notwithstanding that accountability and good governance is expected at all levels, there should be flexibility in reporting so that the requirements for small-scale projects are commensurate with the size of the project.

Recommendation 10

8.46    The committee recommends that investigation be undertaken to further decrease the focus of reporting on outputs and increase reporting of outcomes.

Recommendation 11

8.49    The committee recommends that the Commonwealth Government examine the outcomes of the trial of the national environmental accounting system developed by the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, with a view to investigating the feasibility of implementing that system, or a similar system, and incorporating it in the MERIT reporting process.

Recommendation 12

8.51    The committee recommends that the Commonwealth Government establish a system of reporting the social outcomes of investment in natural resource management so that the full benefits of that investment are identified.

Recommendation 13

8.56    The committee recommends that a review be undertaken to investigate any potential efficiencies of NRM bodies. The investigation may consider adopting a shared services model using existing resources and ways for NRM bodies to reflect effective boundaries. This should be undertaken on a state-by-state basis with due consideration of the importance of community engagement.

Recommendation 14

8.60    The committee recommends that the Commonwealth Government ensures that the National Landcare Programme incorporate sufficient flexibility and investment mechanisms to maintain Indigenous engagement in natural resource management.

Recommendation 15

8.61    The committee recommends that the Department of the Environment undertake consultation with Indigenous groups active in natural resource management to ensure that Indigenous views are incorporated in any modifications of the National Landcare Programme.

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