Terms of Reference

The history, effectiveness, performance and future of the National Landcare Program, including:

  1. the establishment and performance of the Natural Heritage Trust;
  2. the establishment and performance of the Caring for Our Country program;
  3. the outcomes to date and for the forward estimates period of Caring for Our Country;
  4. the implications of the 2014-15 Budget for land care programs, in particular, on contracts, scope, structure, outcomes of programs and long-term impact on natural resource management;
  5. the Government's policy rationale in relation to changes to land care programs;
  6. analysis of national, state and regional funding priorities for land care programs;
  7. how the Department of the Environment and the Department of Agriculture have, and can, work together to deliver a seamless land care program;
  8. the role of natural resource management bodies in past and future planning, delivery, reporting and outcomes; and
  9. any other related matters.

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