Submissions received

Inquiry into the Save Our Solar (Solar Rebate Protection) Bill 2008 [No. 2]

Submissions received

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Sub No.
1 Mr James Cameron (PDF 8KB)
2 Mr Julian James (PDF 12KB)
3 Ms Patricia Wolff (PDF 4KB)
4 Mr Graham and Mrs Fiona Moody (PDF 5KB)
5 Mr Andrew and Mrs Janette Bailey (PDF 6KB); Attachment 1 (PDF 8KB); Attachment 2 (PDF 189KB); Attachment 3 (PDF 7KB)
6 Mr Hugo Figgis (PDF 4KB)
7 Mr Ian and Mrs Frances Toogood (PDF 20KB)
8 Southern Metropolitan Regional Council, Western Australia (PDF 508KB)
9 Mr Paul Baxter (PDF 4KB)
10 Mrs Susan Grant (PDF 9KB)
11 Adelaide Hills Solar and Solar Depot (PDF 6KB)
11A Adelaide Hills Solar and Solar Depot (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 663KB)
12 Environment Shop (PDF 74KB)
13 Green Solar Group (PDF 4KB)
14 Midwest Solar & Electrical (PDF 4KB)
15 Energy Matters (PDF 96KB)
16 RK Systems (PDF 4KB)
17 Mr Gary Holt (PDF 4KB)
18 Solaris Technology (PDF 4KB)
19 Mr Ken Larkin (PDF 4KB)
20 Macfarlane Generators Pty Ltd (PDF 5KB)
21 Mr Steve Hopwood (PDF 4KB)
22 Mr Graeme Hunter JP, North Australian Solar Pty Ltd (PDF 4KB)
23 Mr Gary Thomas (PDF 5KB)
24 Mr Tony Hansen (PDF 5KB)
25 Mr Les Mutton (PDF 5KB)
26 Mr Brett Easton, Renewablelogic (PDF 5KB)
26A Mr Brett Easton, Renewablelogic (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 1694KB)
27 Mr Richard James (PDF 5KB)
28 Mr Glen Holland, Sun Wise Electrics (PDF 165KB)
29 Mr Harry Eleftheriou (PDF 9KB)
29A Mr Harry Eleftheriou (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 29KB)
30 Solartec Renewables Pty Ltd (PDF 28KB)
31 Mr Craig Turnbull (PDF 8KB)
32 Mr Chris Blackmore, Blackmore's Power and Water (PDF 5KB)
32A Mr Chris Blackmore, Blackmore's Power and Water (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 856KB)
33 Mr Rede Ogden, Ogden Electrical Pty Ltd (PDF 4KB)
34 Mr Brian Jones, Switched-On Electrical/Solar (PDF 8KB)
35 Mr Chris Thomson, Infinity Solar (PDF 75KB)
36 Mr Alex Bruce, Better Living Energy Solutions (PDF 10KB)
36A Mr Alex Bruce, Better Living Energy Solutions (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 9KB)
37 Ms Michelle Drummond, EcoSouth Solar (PDF 6KB)
38 Mr Gerard Collins (PDF 5KB)
39 Ms Ruth Young (PDF 4KB)
40 Mr Peter and Mrs Janice Rowan (PDF 5KB)
41 Mr Vince Barila (PDF 3KB)
42 Mr Brendan Rogers, Water Dynamics Mildura (PDF 4KB)
43 Ms Danielle Arrowsmith (PDF 4KB)
44 Mr Kevin R Buck (PDF 4KB)
45 Mr Ken Holley (PDF 5KB)
46 Mr Peter Bone, Bone Electrical Pty Ltd (PDF 12KB)
47 Mr Drew and Mrs Alexis Vayro (PDF 4KB)
48 Mr Garry Barbuto (PDF 11KB); Attachment 1: PV solar take-up in Queensland (PDF 31KB);
Attachment 2: PV solar take-up globally per capita (PDF 83KB)
49 Mr Pedro Schwindt (PDF 4KB)
50 Mr Julian Bowron (PDF 4KB)
51 Mr Kim Pett (PDF 6KB)
52 ATA - Alternative Technology Association (PDF 47KB)
52A ATA - Alternative Technology Association (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 23KB)
53 Mr Dougal Plummer, Plummer Software (PDF 4KB)
54 Ms Jennifer Douglas (PDF 29KB)
55 Mr Simon Rogers, Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions (PDF 5KB)
56 Mr Eddie Speed (PDF 4KB)
57 Mr Glen McCarrick (PDF 11KB)
58 Ms Meredith John (PDF 4KB)
59 Mr Florian Geier (PDF 5KB)
60 Mr Antony Zirngast (PDF 4KB)
61 Ms Gaye Neaves (PDF 5KB)
62 Mr Malcolm Ridyard (PDF 26KB)
63 Ms Bindi and Mr Mike Hawkey (PDF 17KB)
64 Mr Simon Barclay (PDF 22KB)
65 Mr David Synnott (PDF 25KB)
65A Mr David Synnott (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 6KB)
66 Ms Caroline Wenger (PDF 9KB)
67 Mr Jak Grimm (PDF 5KB)
68 Adjunct Professor Michael J Christie PhD (PDF 110KB)
69 Solar Sales Pty Ltd (PDF 25KB)
69A SunPower Corporation Australia Pty Ltd (formerly Solar Sales Pty Ltd) (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 746KB)
70 Ms Kirsten Miller (PDF 38KB); Attachment (PDF 12KB)
71 MH Power (PDF 63KB)
72 Mr Denis French (PDF 4KB)
73 Mr Max Evans (PDF 3KB)
74 Mr Robert Maher (PDF 9KB)
75 Stuart Watson & Associates (PDF 155KB)
76 Mr Geoff Thomas (PDF 5KB)
77 Mr James Mcglone (PDF 4KB)
78 BSR Constructions (PDF 43KB)
79 Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (PDF 55KB)
80 Mr Corey Peterson (PDF 5KB)
81 Autonomous Energy Pty Ltd (PDF 75KB)
82 Australian Conservation Foundation (PDF 797KB)
83 Ms Carol Bond (PDF 6KB)
84 Mr Ian Drayton (PDF 4KB)
85 Ms Melanie Roberts and Mr Ken Philpott (PDF 34KB)
86 Ms Alexis Wadsley (PDF 15KB)
87 Solar Inverters (PDF 14KB)
88 Beyond Building Energy (PDF 253KB)
89 Mr Christopher Monie (PDF 4KB)
90 Darebin City Council (PDF 20KB)
91 Mr Brandon Lewis (PDF 6KB)
92 Climate Change Australia - Hastings Branch (PDF 69KB)
93 Ms Patricia Ann Moran (PDF 9KB)
94 BP Solar (PDF 45KB)
95 Ms Anna Pilkington (PDF 6KB)
96 Suntech Power Australia (PDF 190KB); Tabled Document 1 - Path to Differentiated Margins, 2012 Grid Parity Solar,
Long Term Solar Outlook, Leading Market Position with High Growth Potential (PDF 796KB); Tabled Document 2 - California Low
Income Solar Programs (PDF 512KB)
97 Ms Diana Nunn (PDF 5KB)
98 Conergy Pty Limited (PDF 64KB)
99 Mr Dean Condon (PDF 4KB)
100 Green Energy Trading (PDF 56KB)
101 Electrical Trades Union - Southern States Branch (PDF 11KB)
102 Mr Simon Tiller, Ozone Design (PDF 9KB)
103 Mr Paul Gjeko (PDF 4KB)
104 Ms Estelle Ross (PDF 5KB)
105 Ms Janine Healey (PDF 7KB)
106 Mr Todd Healey (PDF 9KB)
107 The Environment Association (TEA) Inc (PDF 237KB); Attachment (PDF 184KB)
108 Mr Tim O'Loughlin (PDF 8KB)
109 Mr Jason Locke (PDF 4KB)
110 Ms Muriel Brown (PDF 5KB)
111 Mr John O'Dell (PDF 4KB)
112 Dr Guy K White (PDF 5KB)
113 Ms Belinda Kendall-White (PDF 11KB)
114 Mr Bill and Ms Jill Carney (PDF 4KB)
115 All Natural Energy (PDF 33KB)
116 Mr George and Ms Jennifer A Ettershank (PDF 4KB)
117 Mr Mark Rickards (PDF 8KB)
118 Mr Glen Morris, SolarQuip (PDF 76KB)
119 Mr Glenn Moran, Eastland Energy (PDF 22KB)
120 Solco Ltd (PDF 157KB)
121 Mr Brian England, Self Sufficiency Supplies Pty Ltd (PDF 18KB)
122 Mr Peter Campbell (PDF 20KB)
123 Ms Jo Payne, Solarsave (PDF 6KB)
124 Ms Rachel Howell (PDF 4KB)
125 Mr Graydon Cocks (PDF 4KB)
126 Mr Jon Stanhope MLA, Chief Minister, ACT Legislative Assembly (PDF 213KB)
127 Mr Benjamin Carter (PDF 9KB)
128 Mr Nathan Giblett, Energy Superstore (PDF 15KB)
129 The Fairs Family (PDF 5KB)
130 Ms Helen Hutchinson (PDF 9KB)
131 Clean Energy Council (PDF 49KB)
132 Mr Tim Kelly (PDF 220KB)
133 Mr Wil Blackburn (PDF 7KB)
134 Mr Ian Hall, Solar Xpress (PDF 5KB)
135 Mr Lee Rigley (PDF 5KB)
136 Mr Chris Turnbull (PDF 5KB)
137 EcoTasmania (PDF 61KB)
138 Mr Dieter Nikolai (PDF 7KB)
139 Mr Sean Flanagan, Gecko Solar Pty Ltd (PDF 4KB)
140 Mr Mark Kelly (PDF 21KB)
141 City of Randwick (PDF 124KB)
142 Mr Mark Surgeon (PDF 8KB)
143 Ms Jenny Issell (PDF 4KB); Attachment 1 (PDF 5KB); Attachment 2 (PDF 5KB)
144 Ms Jayne Murdoch (PDF 24KB)
145 Mr Luis Sanches (PDF 5KB)
146 Adelaide Buyer's Group (PDF 6290KB)
147 Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (PDF 925KB); Tabled Document - Weekly Applications
Received by Jurisdiction (PDF 141KB)
148 Samford Valley Solar Neighbourhoods scheme for Pine Rivers Climate Action Network (PDF 6KB)
149 Ms Narelle Young (PDF 29KB)
150 Ms Tami Boehm (PDF 4KB)
151 Ms Karla Fraser (PDF 6KB)
152 Ms Robyn Heitmann (PDF 5KB)
153 Mr David Bond (PDF 8KB)
154 Mr John Cooke, Independent Power Systems Pty Ltd (PDF 5KB)
155 Ms Lis Shelley (PDF 5KB)
156 Mr Rob Mailler (PDF 50KB)
157 Mr Robert Parry (PDF 29KB); Attachment - Solar Power Comparisons (Excel 24KB)


Additional information

Electrical Trades Union, Southern States Branch: Comments from members with direct quotes in response
to the inquiry criteria indicated (PDF 37KB)
Australian Conservation Foundation: A Bright Future: 25% Renewable Energy for Australia by 2020 (PDF 548KB)
WA Sustainable Energy Association Inc (WA SEA): Media Release 16 May 2008 - Mean test for industry - solar industry
sinking on solar rebate cap.(PDF 30KB)
WA Sustainable Energy Association Inc (WA SEA): Media Release 16 July 2008 - Carbon deals at run-out prices - use
your carbon credit card and get an interest free period on fuel.(PDF 32KB)


Answers to questions taken on notice

Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (from public hearing, Brisbane, 11 August 2008) (PDF 10KB);
Attachment (Excel 162KB)


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