A lost opportunity?

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A lost opportunity?

Inquiry into the provisions of the Australian Communications and Media Authority Bill 2004 and related bills and matters

10 March 2005

© Commonwealth of Australia 2005
ISBN 0 642 71503 3

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Membership of committee (PDF 137KB) (HTML format)
Terms of Reference (PDF 95KB) (HTML format)
Recommendations (PDF 114KB) (HTML format)
Abbreviations (PDF 84KB) (HTML format)
Chapter 1 - Background to the inquiry (PDF 121KB) (HTML format)
Conduct of the inquiry
Outline of the report
Note on references in this report
Chapter 2 - ACMA and the regulatory framework (PDF 202KB) (HTML format)
Current institutional arrangement
Institutional reform
The Australian Communications and Media Authority
Chapter 3 - Provisions of the bills (PDF 164KB) (HTML format)
The main Bill
Main provisions of the Consequential Bill
Chapter 4 - International regulatory models (PDF 220KB) (HTML format)
The US model
The EU's European Regulators Group
The APEC TEL Effective Compliance Enforcement Guidelines & Practices
The UK communications regulator OFCOM
Committee conclusion
Chapter 5 - An opportunity lost (PDF 345KB) (HTML format)
Review of the regulatory regime and ACMA
Regulatory powers
Organisational culture
Recognition of consumers
Government Members' Dissenting Report (PDF 154KB) (HTML format)
Recommendations agreed to
Recommendations supported in-principle without amending the Bill
Recommendations which are rejected
Appendix 1 - Submissions and Additional Information (PDF 120KB) (HTML format)
Appendix 2 - Public Hearings (PDF 108KB) (HTML format)

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