Recommendation 1

5.99    The committee notes the strong potential of mitochondrial donation to address the debilitating effects of inheriting mitochondrial disease. The committee recommends that public consultation be undertaken regarding the introduction of mitochondrial donation to Australian clinical practice. To facilitate this consultation, the committee further recommends the Australian Government prepare a consultation paper, including options for legislative change that would be required. The Minister for Health should seek advice from the National Health and Medical Research Council on the most appropriate timing and format for this consultation.

Recommendation 2

5.100    The committee recommends that the Australian Government task the National Health and Medical Research Council with advising on the following questions:

5.101    The committee recommends the findings be used to inform future legislative process.

Recommendation 3

5.103    The committee recommends the Minster for Health take the findings of this report to the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Health Council to progress the implementation of this report's recommendations with the states and territories.

Recommendation 4

5.104    The committee recommends, noting the need for community consultation and scientific review, the urgency of treatment for current patients and the small number of patients seeking this treatment, that the Australian Government initiate dialogue with the relevant authorities in the United Kingdom to facilitate access for Australian patients to the United Kingdom treatment facility as an interim measure.

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