Appendix 3

Appendix 3

Public Hearings and witnesses


Tuesday 17 November 2015

Returned and Services League of Australia

RADM Ken Doolan AO (Retd), National President

Northrop Grumman Australia

Mr Mike Lovell AM, Director, Operations and Integration

Australian Academy of Science

Professor Les Field, Secretary of Science Policy

The Royal Institute of Naval Architects

Dr Tony Armstrong, President

Mr Rob Gehling, Secretary

Professionals Australia

Mr David Smith, Executive Officer, Australian Government Group

Mr Tim Bussell, Defence Scientist and Professionals Australia member

Mr Tim Efthymiou, Senior Engineer and Professionals Australia member

Mr Alan Gray, private capacity


Friday, 5 February 2016

Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Dr Andrew Davies, Director of Research

Australian Nuclear Science and technology Organisation

Dr Greg Storr, Group Executive, Nuclear Science and Technology

Mr Steven McIntosh, Senior Manager, Government and International Affairs

Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union

Mr Mike Nicolaides, Assistant National Secretary

Ms Tracey Davis, Delegate, Capability and Acquisitions Group

Mr Peter Hunter, Delegate, Delegate

Department of Defence

Dr Alex Zelinsky, Chief Defence Scientist, DSTG

Mr Mark Devlin, Chief Engineer, CASG

RADM Michael Uzzell, Head Navy Engineering, Royal Australian Navy

Ms Rebecca Skinner, Deputy Secretary, Defence People Group (DPG)

Ms Justine Greig, FAS, People Policy Culture and Development, DPG

Mr John Geering, Director General, People, Policy and Employment Conditions, DPG

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