Appendix 2 - Witnesses who appeared before the Committee at public hearings

Appendix 2 - Witnesses who appeared before the Committee at public hearings

Monday, 29 September 1997

Ms Michelle Doble
Australian Academy of Science
Professor Michael Pitman, Foreign Secretary
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Mr Brent Davis, Head of International Affairs


Monday, 20 October 1997

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Mr Peter Grey, Deputy Secretary and Ambassador for APEC
Mr Anthony Hely, First Assistant Secretary
Ms Pamela Fayle, First Assistant Secretary, Market Development Division
Mr Philip Sparkes, Assistant Secretary, APEC Branch
Ms Elizabeth Schick, Director, APEC Economic and Technical Cooperation Section
Ms Julia Feeney, Executive Officer, APEC Branch


Monday, 27 October 1997

Australian Electrical & Electronic Manufacturers' Association
Mr Alex Gosman, Executive Director
Mr Bryan Douglas, Deputy Director
Australian Customs Service
Mr Stephen Holloway, Acting National Manager, Executive Support Branch
Mr Tim Chapman, Director, Multilateral International Section
Department of Transport and Regional Development
Mr John Bowdler, Deputy Secretary
Mr Mike Kimberlee, Director, International Projects, Federal Office of Road Safety
Mr Tony Griffiths, Director, APEC and Multilateral Team, Trade Coordination
Mr James Wolfe, Director, International Aviation Policy

Department of Workplace Relations and Small Business
Mr Adrian Beresford-Wylie, Team Leader, International Maritime Transport Division


Monday, 17 November 1997

Australia's Manufacturing, Engineering & Construction Industry Association (MTIA)
Ms Vivienne Filling, Principal Adviser
Australian Conservation Foundation
Ms Anna Reynolds, National Liaison Officer
Mr Mark Horstman, Research Coordinator
Department of Primary Industries and Energy
Mr Robert Alderson, First Assistant Secretary, Energy Division
Mr David Cox, Director, Environment and Trade, Fisheries and Aquaculture
Dr Dennis Gebbie, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Corporate Division
Ms Kerri Hartland, Assistant Secretary, International Energy Branch, Energy Division
Mr Rienhard Thieme, Director, APEC and Trade Policy Section, International Branch
Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Mr Ivan Roberts, Senior Economist, Agriculture Branch


Monday, 24 November 1997

Department of Industry, Science and Tourism
Mr Drew Andison, Manager, Standards and Conformance Policy
Mr Michael Edwards, Director, International Section, Sport and tourism Division
Mr Bill Galway, Manager, APEC and Trade Policy Section, International Branch, Industry Policy Division
Mr Jerry William, Assistant Manager, APEC and Trade Policy
Mr Jim Wright, Head, Industry Policy Division
Department of Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs
Ms Jennifer Gordon, Acting First Assistant Secretary, International Division
Ms Barbara Bennett, Assistant Secretary, International Policy Branch, International Division
Ms Sara Cowan, Director, APEC, North and South Asia Section. International Division
Mr John Rowling, Assistant Secretary, Australian International Education Foundation, International Division

Department of the Environment
Mr Howard Bamsey, Deputy Secretary
Mr Leo Cruise, Director, International Unit
Ms Naomi Dumbrell, Policy Adviser, International Unit
Ms Christine Ellis, Director, Environment Industries Focus Unit
Mr Paul Pollard, Director, Environmental Economics Unit
Ms Louise Rose, Acting Director, Water Policy Section, Biodiversity Group
Ms Margaret Tailby, Director, Clean Seas Section
Ms Wendy Taylor, Project Officer, International Unit


Monday 2 February 1998

Australian Council for Overseas Aid
Ms Janet Hunt, Executive Director
Dr Edna Ross, Director, Advocacy and Public Policy
Dr John Ravenhill, Australian National University
Dr Hadi Soesastro, Research School of Pacific & Asian Studies, Australian National University and Director, Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Jakarta
Professor Joseph Camilleri, La Trobe University
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Dr Colin Adam, Deputy Chief Executive
Dr Thelma Heyde, Principal Secretary
Dr Barry Inglis, Director, National Measurement Laboratory, Telecommunications and Industrial Physics
Mr Peter Martin, Deputy Manager, International Scientific Liaison
National Farmers’ Federation
Mr Lyall Howard, Director, Trade and Quarantine
Dr Andrew Stoeckel, Consultant
Mr John Watson, Senior Vice President


Tuesday 3 February 1998

Dr Carol O’Donnell
Ms Patricia Ranald, University of New South Wales
Mineral Policy Institute
Mr Timothy Connor, Research Officer

Qantas Airways
Mr John Kerr, General Manager, International Relations
Mr David Callaghan, Manager, International Relations
Centre for Research Policy, Faculty of Commerce, University of Wollongong
Mr Matthias Ngui, Research Fellow
APEC Business Advisory Council
Mr Michael Crouch, AM, Australian Representative
Dr Imelda Roche, AO, Australian Representative
Standards Australia
Mr Frederick Archer, Associate Director, International and Corporate Secretariat
Mr Peter Walsh, General Manager, Standardisation Policy and Development
National Standards Commission
Mr John Birch, Executive Director
National Association of Testing Authorities
Mr Anthony Russell, Deputy Chief Executive
Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union
Mr Stan Sharkey. National Secretary
Mr Robert Williams, Education Officer


Wednesday 4 February 1998

Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association
Mr Robert Bryce, General Manager
APEC Chemical Industry Coalition Task Force
Mr Bruce McAllen, Chairman
Professor Sisira Jayasuriya, Associate Professor, School of Business, La Trobe University
Professor Richard Snape, Monash University
Australian APEC Study Centre
Mr Alan Oxley, Chairman
Professor John McKay, Director


Thursday 5 February 1998

Australian Wheat Board
Mr Matthew Foran, Government Relations Adviser
Mr Timothy Dewan, Regional Manager Marketing for South East Asia
Australian Council of Trade Unions
Mr Tim Harcourt, Research Officer
Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association
Mr Robert Bryce,
APEC Chemical Industry Coalition Task Force
Mr Bruce McAllen, Chairman
Dr Andrew Elek


Friday 6 February 1998

Dr Christopher Findlay, Associate Professor Economics, University of Adelaide
Mr Bijit Bora, Lecturer in Economics, University of South Australia
South Australian Government
Dr David Blackstock, Senior Researcher, Premier’s Office
Mr Simon Fraser, Acting Manager, Trade Policy, Department of Industry and Trade
Mr James Hallion, Executive Director, Industry Policy and Infrastructure, Department of Industry and Trade
Mr Casey Lau, Senior Manager, Office of Asian Business
Centre for Economic Studies
Professor Cliff Walsh, Executive Director
Mr Richard Leaver, Flinders University

Friday 6 March 1998

Dr Michael McKinley, Senior Lecturer, Global Politics, Department of Political Science
Research Institute for Asia and the Pacific, University of Sydney
Dr Rikki Kersten, Director
Australian Food Council
Mr Mitchell Hooke, Executive Director and CEO

Centre for Practice of International Trade
Professor David Robertson, Director
Australian-Japan Research Centre, Australian National University
Professor Peter Drysdale, Executive Director
Professor Ross Garnaut, Professor of Economics


Monday, 23 March 1998

Dr Robert Glasser, Acting Assistant Director General, Mekong Branch
Dr Robert McGregor, Program manager, Asia Links, Asia Regional Section, Mekong Branch
Federation of Automotive Products Manufacturers
Mr Malcolm Stewart, Director
Department of Communications and the Arts
Mr Richard Thwaites, Assistant Secretary, Trade and Development Branch, Telecommunications Division
Mr Colin Oliver, Director, Regional Cooperation, Trade and Development Branch

Monday, 30 March 1998

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Ms Pamela Fayle, First Assistant Secretary, Market Development Division
Mr Michael Potts, Assistant Secretary, Trade Policy Issues and Industrials Branch
Mr Philip Sparkes, Assistant Secretary, APEC Branch
Mr Roderick Smith, Director, Regional Trade Liberalisation Section


Thursday, 18 February 1999

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Ms Joanna Hewitt, Deputy Secretary and Ambassador for APEC
Ms Pamela Fayle, First Assistant Secretary, Market Development Division
Mr Philip Sparkes, Assistant Secretary, APEC Branch
Mr Paul Comfort, Director, Trade and Investment Liberalisation Branch
Mr Mohan Mathews, Executive Officer, APEC Branch

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