Appendix 1 - Submissions

Appendix 1 - Submissions


Amnesty International Australia (Submission 58)

AusAID (Submission 57)

Australia House Consultancy and Training (Submission 1)

Australia-Japan Research Centre, Australian National University (Submission 29)

Australian Academy of Science (Submission 34)

Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (Submission 35)

Australian APEC Study Centre (Submission 12)

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Submission 25)

Australian Conservation Foundation (Submission 32)

Australian Council for Overseas Aid (Submission 37)

Australian Council of Trade Unions (Submission 5)

Australian Customs Service (Submission 39)

Australian Shipowners Association (Submission 20)

Australian Telecommunications Industry Association (Submission 21)

Australian Wheat Board (Submission 46)

Camilleri, Professor Joseph, La Trobe University (Submission 48)

Centre for Research Policy, University of Wollongong (Submission 18)

Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) (Submission 22)

Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union (Submission 3)

Cooperative Research Centres Association, Australian National University (Submission 30)

Department of Administrative Services (Submission 38)

Department of Communication and the Arts (Submission 42)

Department of Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs (Submission 40)

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Submission 19)

Department of Industry, Science and Tourism (Submission 41)

Department of Primary Industries and Energy (Submission 36)

Department of Transport and Regional Development (Submission 26)

Doble, Ms M J (Submission 10)

Dr Andrew Elek (Submission 55)

Environment Australia (Submission 43)

Foundation for Development Cooperation (Submissions 14 and 14A)

George, Dr Jim, Australian National University (Submission 45)

House, Mr Eric (Submissions 24 and 24A)

Jayasuriya, Associate Professor Sisira, La Trobe University (Submission 54)

Leaver, Mr Richard, Flinders University (Submission 56)

McCormack, Mr Denis (Submission 7)

McKinley, Dr Michael, Australian National University (Submission 44)

Mineral Policy Institute (Submission 27)

Moore, Ms Evonne (Submission 6)

MTIA–Australia’s Manufacturing Engineering & Construction Industry Association (Submission 28)

National Association of Testing Authorities Australia (Submission 23)

National Standards Commission (Submission 9)

O'Donnell, Dr C (Submissions 2, 2A and 2B)

Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association (Submission 53)

Qantas Airways Limited (Submissions 33 and 33A)

Queensland Government (Submission 47)

Ravenhill, Dr John, Australian National University (Submission 52)

Research Institute for Asia and the Pacific, University of Sydney (Submission 17)

Singh, Dr Kunwar Raj (Submission 16)

Slater, Richard J (Submission 4)

Short, Rod (Submission 11)

Snape, Professor Richard, Monash University (Submission 49)

Soesastro, Dr Hadi, Director, Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Jakarta and the Australian National University (Submission 50)

South Australian Government (Submission 51)

Standards Australia (Submission 15)

Ranald, Patricia, University of New South Wales, (Submission 8)

Victorian Government (Submission 13)

World Vision Australia (Submission 31)



National Farmers Federation (CONFIDENTIAL)

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