Appendix 3 - APEC non-binding investment principles, Jakarta, November 1994

Appendix 3 - APEC non-binding investment principles, Jakarta, November 1994

In the spirit of APEC's underlying approach of open regionalism,

Recognising the importance of investment to economic development, the stimulation of growth, the creation of jobs and the flow of technology in the Asia-Pacific region,

Emphasising the importance of promoting domestic environments that are conducive to attracting foreign investment, such as stable growth with low inflation, adequate infrastructure, adequately developed human resources, and protection of intellectual property rights,

Reflecting that most APEC economies are both sources and recipients of foreign investment,

Aiming to increase investment, including investment in small and medium enterprises, and to develop supporting industries,

Acknowledging the diversity in the level and pace of development of member economies as may be reflected in their investment regimes, and committed to ongoing efforts towards the improvement and further liberalisation of their investment regimes,

Without prejudice to applicable bilateral and multilateral treaties and other international instruments,

Recognising the importance of fully implementing the Uruguay Round TRIMs Agreement,

APEC members aspire to the following non-binding principles:


Non-discrimination between source economies

National treatment

Investment incentives

Performance requirements

Expropriation and compensation

Repatriation and convertibility

Settlement of disputes

Entry and sojourn of personnel

Avoidance of double taxation

Investor behaviour

Removal of barriers to capital exports

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