Australian Greens' additional comments

1.1        The Australian Greens are strongly supportive of both creative and innovative industries in Australia.  These fields are increasingly overlapping, as digital distribution becomes more and more prevalent, which created both opportunities and risks for content creators and service providers.

1.2        We will continue to work to ensure that the interests of both creative and innovative industries are protected, and we do not believe that these two things are mutually exclusive. Our future will be made brighter by Australian creators and innovators working together to deliver Australian content to the world.

1.3        These two industries are fundamental to the future of work and play in our country and the more support and protections we provide, the more we are investing in jobs for young Australians into the future.

1.4        We suggest, as the Greens have contended in the past, that site-blocking is not the most effective means of stopping piracy. Site-blocking does not stop people from accessing content.

1.5        Rather, copyright is better addressed by making the content available: conveniently, affordably, and in a timely way. We have seen this to great effect with the popularity of Netflix in Australia and the impact on piracy.

1.6        We acknowledge that whilst the Bill is intended to address gaps within the current scheme, unintended consequences of extending website blocking practices are a concern that we hold and would like to further explore to ensure that free speech and public discourse are not unduly affected.

Senator Janet Rice
Australian Greens

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