Appendix 2

Public Hearings

Friday, 1 October 2021
Star of the South
Mr Casper Thorhauge, CEO
Mr Matthew Stuchbery, Head of Regulatory Affairs
Ms Erin Coldham, Chief Development Officer
Sun Cable
Mr David Griffin, CEO
Ms Georgie Skipper, Chief of Corporate and Government Affairs
Oceanex Energy Pty Ltd
Mr Andy Evans, CEO
Macquarie Group Ltd
Mr Anthony Lamb, Head of Offshore Wind Projects, Asia-Pacific
Clean Energy Council
Ms Lucinda Tonge, Policy Officer
Smart Energy Council
Mr Steve Blume, President
Ms Taryn Lane, Director
Beyond Zero Emissions
Mr Tom Quinn, Head of Policy and Research
Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre
Dr John Whittington, CEO
Professor Irene Penesis, Research Director
Friends of the Earth Australia
Mr Patrick Simons, Yes2 Renewables Community Coordinator
Electrical Trades Union
Mr Trevor Gauld, National Policy Officer
Maritime Union of Australia
Mr Glen Williams, National Vice-President and Newcastle Branch Secretary
Dr Penny Howard, National Research Officer
Australian Council of Trade Unions
Mr Liam O'Brien, Assistant Secretary
Mr Mark Wakeham, Senior Advisor, Climate, Energy and Just Transitions
Regional Development Australia, Gippsland Committee and the Gippsland Regional Partnership
Mr Richard Elkington, Chair
Mrs Michelle Dowsett, Acting Deputy Chair
Voices of the Valley
Mrs Wendy Farmer, President
Ms Marianne Robinson, Secretary
Wellington Shire Council
Mr Brent McAlister, General Manager Development
Ms Kate Foster, Manager Economic Development
Hunter Jobs Alliance
Mr Warrick Jordan, Coordinator
Basslink Pty Ltd
Mr Joska Ferencz, Chief Operating Officer
Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources
Ms Kushla Munro, Head of Division, International Climate and Technology Division
Mr Paul Murphy, General Manager, Clean Technology Branch
Mr Graeme Waters, Titles Administrator
Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications
Ms Maree Bridger, First Assistant Secretary, Surface Transport Policy Division
Mr David Stephens, Director, Maritime Environment and Trade, Surface Transport Policy Division
National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority
Mr Stuart Smith, CEO
Mr Owen Wilson, Project Lead - Offshore Energy
Attorney-General's Department
Mr Adrian Breen, Assistant Secretary, Safety, Compensation and Institutions Branch

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