Corrigendum to final report tabled in November 2021 

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Page 39, paragraph 3.85, lines 1 and 2

  • Line 1 delete 'NOPSEMA CEO Mr Smith', insert 'Mr Murphy'
  • Line 2 delete 'NOPSEMA', insert 'the department'

The corrected paragraph will read –

'Mr Murphy acknowledged that the WHS Act has never before been applied in the offshore area but assured the committee that the department has carefully considered the proper application of that Act: …'

Page 39, footnote 82

  • Delete 'Mr Stuart Smith, CEO, NOPSEMA', insert 'Mr Paul Murphy, General Manager, Clean Technology Branch, DISER'

The corrected footnote will read –

'Mr Paul Murphy, General Manager, Clean Technology Branch, DISER, Committee Hansard, 1 October 2021, p. 49'.

Page 39, paragraph 3.86, lines 2 and 3

  • Delete 'NOPSEMA, which significantly informed development of the bills,83', insert 'DISER'

The corrected paragraph will read –

'The committee notes the vital importance of the health and safety of OEI workers. The committee notes that DISER advised that it has sought legal advice to ensure that the appropriate protections are provided. In addition, the department advised that it has sought to promote harmonisation in this space, as agreed by the 2008 National Reform Agenda'.

Page 39, footnote 83

Delete 'See 'Australian Government consideration of offshore electricity', Chapter 1'.

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The Offshore Electricity Infrastructure Bill 2021 would establish a regulatory framework to enable the construction, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of offshore electricity infrastructure in the Commonwealth offshore area. The Offshore Electricity Infrastructure (Regulatory Levies) Bill 2021 would allow for the imposition of levies on regulated entities to recover the regulatory costs.

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