Appendix 1

Submissions, tabled documents and additional information


1                          Attorney-General and Minister for Justice (Qld)

2                          Dr James Sauer and Dr Aaron Drummond

3                          Interactive Games & Entertainment Association

4                          The Institute of Games

5                          Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia

6                          Esports Games Association Australia Ltd

7                          Connect Health and Community

8                          Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

9                          Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists

10                        Australian Institute of Family Studies

11                        Dr Marcus Carter, University of Sydney

12                        Mr Alex Knoop

13                        Name Withheld

14                        Mr James Donnelly

15                        Mr Samuel Drew

16                        Mr Kieran Walsh

17                        Mr Mitch van den Akker

18                        Mr Nick Walker

19                        Mr Glen Bruton

20                        Mr Greg Tannahill

21                        Name Withheld

22                        Mr Julian Rzechowicz

23                        Name Withheld

24                        Mr David Wanden

25                        Australian Council on Children and the Media

26                        Australia Communications and Media Authority

27                        Mr Richard Fairbairn

28                        Mr Isaac Leeder

29                        Mr Brendan Carmody

30                        Ms Stephanie Gray

31                        Mr Michael Rigby

32                        Mr Jeremy Ray

33                        NSW Government

34                        Office of the eSafety Commissioner

35                        Victorian Government

36                        Esports Integrity Coalition

37                        Mr Ervin Takah

38                        Dr David Zendle

39                        Mr James Nolan

40                        Mr Joshua Simmons

41                        Mr Alexander Williamson

42                        Dr David Zendle, Dr Paul Cairns and Dr Cade McCall

Tabled documents

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation – 'Mobile EGMs Apps – The perfect substitute or the perfect storm?' (public hearing, Melbourne, 17 August 2018)

Dr James Sauer and Dr Aaron Drummond – Example Loot-Box Market Place Values (public hearing, Melbourne, 17 August 2018)

Additional information

Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) – Clarification of a 'gambling service'

The Netherlands Gambling Authority – Regulatory approach to loot boxes

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