Appendix 1

Appendix 1

Submissions and additional information received by the committee


1                                  Humane Research Australia

2                                  PETA Australia

3                                  Animal Defenders Office

4                                  Humane Society International

5                                  Animal Liberation Queensland

6                                  Choose Cruelty Free

7                                  Department of the Environment

8                                  Animals Australia

9                                  Animal Liberation NSW

10                              RSPCA

11                              Animal Law Institute

12                              Name Withheld

13                              Name Withheld

14                              Name Withheld

15                              Name Withheld

16                              Name Withheld

17                              Name Withheld

18                              Name Withheld

19                              Mrs Sylvia Cooper

20                              Ms Georgia Blomberg

21                              Dr Bridget Brooklyn

22                              Ms Robyn Kirby

23                              Ms Jan Heald

24                              Ms Rosemary Lavin

25                              Ms Debbie Davis

26                              Mrs Tracy Ashdown

27                              Ms Stacey Winch

28                              Mrs Louise Paine

29                              Professor Marcello Rosa

30                              Mrs Susan Rosker

31                              Ms Adalita Srsen

32                              Mrs Cheryl Mackie

33                              Mrs Cathy Audley

34                              Ms Diana Palmer

35                              Ms Lynn Gauntlett

36                              Ms Kerryn Marlow

37                              Ms Carolyn Cooper

38                              Mrs Anne Roberts

39                              Mr Mark Spooner

40                              Mrs Karen Johnson

41                              Ms Celia Smith

42                              Ms Kathryn Woolfe

43                              Mrs Janet Allan

44                              Mrs Elizabeth Duggan

45                              Dr Andre Menache

46                              Mr Robert Soto

47                              Mr Peter Collins

48                              Cruelty Free International

49                              Ms Bernadette Shingles

50                              Associate Professor Brett Lidbury

51                              Ms Christine Pierson

52                              Ms Helen Powderly

53                              Ms Patricia Penn

54                              Ms Josephine Velte

55                              Ms Salome Argyropoulos

56                              Barristers Animal Welfare Panel & Sentient, The Veterinary Institute for Animal Ethics

57                              European Animal Research Association

58                              Professor Trichur Vidyasagar

59                              National Health and Medical Research Council

60                              Dr George Manos, Mrs Helen Manos

61                              The Spinney Wildlife Refuge

62                              Association of Primate Veterinarians

63                              Australasian Neuroscience Society Incorporated

64                              Dr Mike Mustari

65                              Oregon National Primate Research Center

66                              Yerkes National Primate Research Center

67                              Mr Cris Magee

68                              Dr Michael Goldberg

69                              Name Withheld

70                              Dr Nicholas Price

71                              Dr John Capitanio

72                              Professor George Paxinos AO

73                              The Expert Group for Non-Human Primate Neuroscience Research, UK

74                              Federation of European Neuroscience Societies

75                              Dr Tim Kuchel

76                              International Basel Declaration Society

77                              Speaking of Research

78                              Society for Neuroscience

79                              Japan Neuroscience Society

80                              Professor Simon Foote

81                              Ms Melita Grant

82                              Anti-Vivisection Union SA

83                              Dr Jaikishan Jayakumar

84                              Professor James McCluskey and Dr Mark Hargreaves

85                              Dr Andrew Knight

86                              Mr Errol Lloyd

87                              Mr. Rob Buttrose

88                              Mr Larry Abel

89                              Monash University

90                              Dr Robert Desimone

91                              Dr Jeffrey Rosenfeld

92                              Professor Michael Cowley

93                              The Doherty Institute

Form letter received from

Professor Luciano Fadiga, University of Ferrara

Professor Leonardo Chelazzi, University of Verona – Medical School

Professor Vittorio Gallese, University of Parma

Professor Giuseppe Luppino, University of Parma

Professor Alexandra Battaglia Mayer, University of Rome

Professor Wolfram Schultz, University of Cambridge

Dr Milena Raffi, University of Bologna

Associate Professor Patrizia Fattori, University of Bologna

Professor Claudio Galletti, University of Bologna

Dr Cristina Lucchetti, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Professor Aldo Genovesio, University of Rome

Professor Roberto Caminiti, University of Rome

Additional Information

Answers to questions on notice

Associate Professor Brett Lidbury – Answers to questions taken on notice (public hearing, Canberra, 5 February 2016)

National Health and Medical Research Council – Answers to questions taken on notice (public hearing, Canberra, 5 February 2016)

National Health and Medical Research Council – Answers to questions taken on notice (public hearing, Canberra, 5 February 2016)

Department of the Environment – Answers to questions taken on notice (public hearing, Canberra, 5 February 2016)

Tabled documents

Ms Helen Marston, Chief Executive Officer, Humane Research Australia

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