Appendix 2

Appendix 2

Public hearings

Tuesday, 10 June 2014 – Melbourne

Australian Conservation Foundation

            Ms Ruchira Talukdar, Healthy Ecosystems Campaigner

Places You Love Alliance

            Mr Glen Klatovsky, Director

Environmental Justice Australia

            Mr Brendan Sydes, Chief Executive Officer
            Mr Tom Warne-Smith, Lawyer

Association of Mining and Exploration Companies

            Mr Graham Short, National Policy Manager

Australian Network of Environmental Defender's Offices

            Mr Adam Beeson, Solicitor
            Ms Rachel Walmsley, Policy and Law Reform Director

Humane Society International

            Mrs Alexia Wellbelove, Senior Program Manager

Department of the Environment

            Dr Rachel Bacon, First Assistant Secretary, regulatory Reform Branch
            Ms Kushla Munro, Assistant Secretary, Regulatory Reform Branch

Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists

            Mr Peter Cosier, Director
            Ms Ilona Millar, Legal Adviser
            Mr Bradley Tucker, Policy Analyst

Minerals Council of Australia

            Mr Chris McCombe, Assistant Director, Environment
            Ms Melanie Stutsel, Director, Health, Safety, Environment and Community

Dr Chris McGrath, Private capacity 

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