Submissions received by the Committee

Recent trends in and preparedness for extreme weather events

Submissions received by the Committee

Sub No.

1Professor Neville Nicholls (PDF 130KB) 
2Dr Andrew Glikson (PDF 830KB) 
3Adjunct Professor Alan Pears AM (PDF 1263KB) 
4Mr David Gould (PDF 1243KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 63KB) 
5Dr Anthony Kiem (PDF 171KB) Attachment 1(PDF 129KB) Attachment 2(PDF 77KB) Attachment 3(PDF 262KB) Attachment 4(PDF 403KB) Attachment 5(PDF 336KB) Attachment 6(PDF 1550KB) 
6Asia Pacific Strategy (PDF 82KB) Attachment 1(PDF 97KB) Attachment 2(PDF 93KB) Attachment 3(PDF 770KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 311KB) 
7Dandenong Ranges Renewable Energy Association Inc (PDF 86KB) 
8Dr Michael Eburn (PDF 223KB) Attachment 1(PDF 404KB) 
9Risk Frontiers (PDF 731KB) 
10Locals Into Victoria's Environment (LIVE) and David Spratt (PDF 433KB) 
11Mr Loch Wilson (PDF 6KB) 
12Ms Amy-Rose West (PDF 5KB) 
13Latrobe Valley Sustainability Group (PDF 120KB) 
14Mr David Tones (PDF 850KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 23KB) 
15Insurance Council of Australia (PDF 293KB) 
16Mr Sam Marginson (PDF 91KB) 
17Bushwalking Victoria (PDF 57KB) 
18Mr Phil Browne (PDF 6KB) 
19Ms Kath Freihaut (PDF 105KB) 
20Australian Nursing Federation (Victorian Branch) (PDF 175KB) 
21Mr Colin Gibson (PDF 12KB) 
22Australian Psychological Society (PDF 690KB) 
23Ms Eileen Ray (PDF 20KB) 
24Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists (PDF 192KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 2904KB) 
25Mr David Cummings (PDF 45KB) 
26Wodonga Albury Towards Climate Health (PDF 65KB) 
27Ararat Greenhouse Action Group (PDF 300KB) 
28Dr Adrian Barnett (PDF 121KB) 
29Master Builders Australia (PDF 1726KB) 
30Mr Daryl Sherger (PDF 233KB) Attachment 1(PDF 143KB) Attachment 2(PDF 113KB) Attachment 3(PDF 240KB) Attachment 4(PDF 1282KB) 
31Sustainable Business Group of Australia (PDF 745KB) 
32Townsville City Council (PDF 300KB) 
33Environment Victoria (PDF 181KB) Attachment 1(PDF 10265KB) Attachment 2(PDF 2788KB) Attachment 3(PDF 1514KB) 
34Tasmanian Arboretum (PDF 504KB) 
35Ms Amy McMahon, Dr Kiah Smith, Ms Jane Muller, Mr Paul Belesky and Professor Geoffrey Lawrence (PDF 288KB) 
36Australian Conservation Foundation  (PDF 363KB) 
37Australian Forest Products Association (PDF 164KB) Attachment 1(PDF 259KB) Attachment 2(PDF 267KB) Attachment 3(PDF 346KB) Attachment 4(PDF 1486KB) 
38Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) (PDF 169KB) 
39The Australian Greens Victoria (PDF 356KB) 
40National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) (PDF 2385KB) 
41Australian Stable Population Party (PDF 278KB) 
42VCOSS (PDF 229KB) Attachment 1(PDF 300KB) 
43Mr Brent Walker (PDF 612KB) Attachment 1(PDF 1865KB) 
44Dr Seth Westra, Dr Michael Leonard, Dr Mark Thyer and Professor Martin Lambert (University of Adelaide) (PDF 858KB) 
45Ms Rachel Anne Carter (PDF 391KB) Attachment 1(PDF 356KB) Attachment 2(PDF 1612KB) 
46450 Parts Per Million (PDF 256KB) 
47Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (PDF 386KB) 
48Healesville Environment Watch Inc. and C4 (PDF 416KB) Attachment 1(PDF 229KB) Attachment 2(PDF 317KB) Attachment 3(PDF 666KB) 
49Dr Sandra Schuster (PDF 183KB) Attachment 1(PDF 329KB) 
50Climate Future (PDF 248KB) 
51Mr Gavin E Cerini (PDF 356KB) 
52Climate and Health Alliance (PDF 499KB) 
53Professor John Dodson (PDF 2606KB) 
54Green Building Council of Australia (PDF 617KB) 
55Professor Rodney Keenan (PDF 941KB) 
56Centre for Policy Development (PDF 88KB) 
57ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science (PDF 1783KB) 
58Griffith Centre for Coastal Management (PDF 2682KB) 
Letter from The Hon Ros Bates MP, Minister for Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts, Queensland Government dated 30 January 2013(PDF 634KB) 
59Centre for Risk and Community Safety (PDF 314KB) 
60Dr Trevor Kerr (PDF 27KB) 
61Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (PDF 155KB) 
62Floodplain Management Association (PDF 346KB) 
63The City of Melbourne (PDF 1679KB) 
64Attorney-General's Department (PDF 717KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 18KB) 
65Bureau of Meteorology (PDF 3398KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 345KB) 
66Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (PDF 418KB) 
67Actuaries Institute (PDF 377KB) 
68Local Government Association of Queensland (PDF 208KB) 
69Surf Life Saving Australia (PDF 115KB) 
70Australian Risk Policy Institute (PDF 254KB) 
71Bushfire CRC (PDF 539KB) 
72Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (PDF 407KB) 
73Mr Charlie Arnott (PDF 208KB) Attachment 1(PDF 414KB) 
74Friends of the Earth (PDF 125KB) 
75Climate and Health Alliance (PDF 503KB) 
76Water Services Association of Australia (PDF 963KB) Attachment 1(PDF 337KB) Attachment 2(PDF 534KB) 
77Suncorp (PDF 272KB) Attachment 1(PDF 2003KB) 
78Dr Marion Carey (PDF 296KB) 
79Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (PDF 542KB) 
80Dr Rowan O'Hagan (PDF 58KB) 
81Mr Yasir Assam (PDF 66KB) 
82Professor David King, Centre for Disaster Studies, James Cook University (PDF 317KB) 
83Mr Jean Dind (PDF 66KB) 
84Mr Stuart Burns (PDF 83KB) 
85Ryde Environment Group (PDF 109KB) 
86Mr Ian Dunlop (PDF 1861KB) 
87Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material (AICCM), Victorian Division (PDF 245KB) 
88Ms Catherine Moore (PDF 50KB) 
89Mr Jon Graham (PDF 13KB) 
90Mrs Penelope Graydon (PDF 13KB) 
91Western Australian Local Government Association (PDF 115KB) 
92Climate Action Network Australia (PDF 46KB) 
93CSIRO (PDF 511KB) 
94Ms Angela Rats (PDF 13KB) 
95Mr John Loty (PDF 14KB) 
96Mr Ramashi Mitra (PDF 14KB) 
97The Hon Jan Barham MLC (PDF 340KB) 
98Ms Fran Thompson (PDF 14KB) 
99Mr John Anselmi (PDF 14KB) 
100Conservation Council of Western Australia (PDF 234KB) Attachment 1(PDF 5543KB) Attachment 2(PDF 287KB) Attachment 3(PDF 2930KB) Attachment 4(PDF 2194KB) Attachment 5(PDF 651KB) Attachment 6(PDF 764KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 75KB) 
101Tablelands Regional Council (PDF 245KB) 
102Professor Stewart W Franks (PDF 346KB) 
103Oxfam Australia (PDF 145KB) 
104Australian Medical Association (PDF 415KB) Attachment 1(PDF 131KB) Attachment 2(PDF 117KB) 
105The Climate Institute (PDF 197KB) Attachment 1(PDF 1763KB) Attachment 2(PDF 812KB) Attachment 3(PDF 1077KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 333KB) 
106Dr Ian Wilson (PDF 903KB) 
107Australian Network of Environmental Defender's Offices (ANEDO) (PDF 1169KB) 
108Doctors for the Environment Australia (PDF 336KB) 
109Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, University of Queensland (PDF 224KB) 
110Australian National Retailers' Association (PDF 516KB) 
111Save the Children Australia (PDF 570KB) 
112Telstra (PDF 470KB) 
113Australian Centre for Financial Studies and the Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research (PDF 716KB) 
114Mr Lawrence A Wilson (PDF 264KB) 
115Australian Youth Climate Coalition (PDF 189KB) 
116Department of Human Services (PDF 163KB) 
117Emerald for Sustainability (EmFSus) Inc (PDF 275KB) 
118Clean Energy Council (PDF 530KB) 
119Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (PDF 948KB) Attachment 1(PDF 116KB) Attachment 2(PDF 1403KB) 
120Conservation Council SA (PDF 201KB) 
121Gecko-Gold Coast and Hinterland Environment Council Association Inc (PDF 254KB) 
122Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland - Gold Coast and Hinterland (PDF 337KB) 
123Brisbane City Council (PDF 1040KB) 
124WWF-Australia (PDF 435KB) 
125Australian Academy of Science (PDF 340KB) 
126Department of Health and Ageing (PDF 33KB) 
127Australian Red Cross (PDF 266KB) 
128Engineers Australia (PDF 1654KB) 
129Northern Territory Government (PDF 113KB) 
130Mr Michael Baldock (PDF 8319KB) 
131Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Australia (PDF 390KB) 
132Mr Scott Hickie (PDF 999KB) 
133Mr Kevin E Trenberth (PDF 16KB) Attachment 1(PDF 7685KB) Attachment 2(PDF 555KB) 
134Mr Kevin Mason (PDF 41KB) 
136Ms Christine Simpson (PDF 14KB) 
137Ms Megan Armstrong (PDF 14KB) 
138Ms Caroline Kades (PDF 44KB) 
139Ms Maria Tedesco (PDF 14KB) 
140Ms Phillipa Carmody (PDF 14KB) 
141Green Cross Australia (PDF 3270KB) 
142Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) (PDF 515KB) 
143United Firefighters Union of Australia (PDF 6849KB) Attachment 1(PDF 4855KB) Attachment 2(PDF 4006KB) Attachment 3(PDF 8165KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 1789KB) 
144Insurance Australia Group (PDF 3971KB) 
146Environment East Gippsland Inc (PDF 274KB) 
147Dr John Hunter (PDF 76KB) 
148Environmental Defenders Office (Tas) (PDF 201KB) 
149PricewaterhouseCoopers (PDF 5KB) Attachment 1(PDF 1646KB) 
150Peter, Beverley and Hannah Rubenach (PDF 347KB) Attachment 1(PDF 3592KB) 
151Mr Benjamin Beccari (PDF 460KB) 
152Baltech Pty Ltd (PDF 210KB) 
153Mr Brian Rebbechi (PDF 243KB) 
154Mrs Ruth Haig (PDF 69KB) 
155Ms Jode Wiggins (PDF 104KB) 
156Name Withheld (PDF 10KB) 
158Ms Patina Schneider (PDF 183KB) Attachment 1(PDF 421KB) 
159Tasmania Fire Service (PDF 312KB) 
160Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (PDF 315KB) Attachment 1(PDF 7871KB) Attachment 2(PDF 3573KB) Attachment 3(PDF 3560KB) 
161Dr Alexander Donald (PDF 100KB) Attachment 1(PDF 2861KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 315KB) 
162South Australia State Emergency Management Committee (PDF 210KB) 
163Mr Phill Parsons (PDF 103KB) 
164CHOICE (PDF 400KB) 
165Professor Lee Godden, Centre for Resources, Energy and Environmental Law, Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne and others (PDF 989KB) 
166Professor Roger Stone (PDF 335KB) 
167The Hon Robin Chapple MLC (PDF 194KB) 
168Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (PDF 251KB) 
169National Pharmaceutical Services Association (PDF 151KB) 
170Spatial Industries Business Association (PDF 1204KB) 
171Civil Aviation Safety Authority (PDF 55KB) Attachment 1(PDF 1104KB) 
172Australian Sea Level Rise Partnership, Global Change Institute, The University of Queensland (PDF 543KB) 
173Mr John McLean (PDF 83KB) 
174Mr Philip S Clark (PDF 88KB) 
175Ms Susan Cooke (PDF 21KB) 
176Ms Julie Marlow (PDF 15KB) 
177Mr Hinton J Lowe (PDF 25KB) 
178Ms Karen Winnett (PDF 18KB) 
179Ms Dawn Robey (PDF 15KB) 
180Mr Gerard Siero (PDF 19KB) 
181Ms Lorraine Leach (PDF 270KB) 
182Ms Nola Webber (PDF 16KB) 
183Ms Kerry Bos (PDF 18KB) 
184Mr Tom Edwards (PDF 19KB) 
185Ms Emma Rooksby (PDF 27KB) 
186Ms Kathryn Kelly (PDF 22KB) 
187Mr Lawrence A Wilson (PDF 263KB) 
188Albert Parker and Tom Watson (PDF 714KB) 
189Mrs Angela Kearns (PDF 15KB) 
190Mr Justin Field (PDF 16KB) 
191Mr Robert Coburn (PDF 15KB) 
192Mr David Reid (PDF 37KB) 
193Ms Julie Muir (PDF 15KB) 
194Mr Stephen Soames (PDF 27KB) 
195Ms Margaret Cusack (PDF 14KB) 
196Ms Lindy Collins (PDF 19KB) 
197Name Withheld (PDF 463KB) 
198Ms Margaret Hilder (PDF 19KB) 
199Mr Daniel Garcia (PDF 26KB) 
200Mr Paul Taylor (PDF 16KB) 
201Mr John Squires (PDF 19KB) 
202Climate Change Australia - Hastings Branch (PDF 61KB) 
203Ms Jackie Rovensky (PDF 65KB) 
204Mr Peter Foster-Bunch (PDF 71KB) 
205Mr Thomas McLoughlin (PDF 22KB) 
206Mr George Adamson (PDF 40KB) 
207Name Withheld (PDF 30KB) 
208Mr Ian Rose (PDF 12KB) 
209Ms Tamara York (PDF 18KB) 
210Ms Nicola Murray (PDF 18KB) 
211Mr Adrian Price (PDF 14KB) 
212Mr Paul Martin (PDF 34KB) 
213Ms Vanessa Richardson (PDF 18KB) 
214Mr Roger Seccombe (PDF 14KB) 
215Ms June Askew (PDF 39KB) 
216Mr David Clarke (PDF 37KB) 
217Mr Neil Rankine (PDF 14KB) 
218Ms Roel Beekman (PDF 14KB) 
219Ms Rosalie Schultz (PDF 15KB) 
220Mr Phill Parsons (PDF 65KB) 
221Ms Tracey Baglin (PDF 14KB) 
222Ms Siobhan Foster (PDF 14KB) 
223Mr Sean Corrigan (PDF 40KB) 
224Mr Edward Brown (PDF 15KB) 
225Mr Guy Langham (PDF 12KB) 
226Ms Jill Haynes (PDF 41KB) 
227Ms Bronwyn Winfield (PDF 15KB) 
228Mr John Duczek (PDF 41KB) 
229Mr Matthew Anstey (PDF 39KB) 
230Ms Cheryl Dooley (PDF 18KB) 
231Mr Thomas Grieg (PDF 14KB) 
232Mr Joe Wolfe (PDF 12KB) 
233Mr Mark Brown (PDF 14KB) 
234Ms Vicki Sullivan (PDF 14KB) 
235Mr Doug Young (PDF 43KB) 
236Ms Linda Young (PDF 12KB) 
237Ms Beth Tarilton (PDF 14KB) 
238Ms Margaret Atkinson (PDF 14KB) 
239Mr Patrick Darley-Jones (PDF 14KB) 
240Mr Fred Hart (PDF 40KB) 
241Mr Peter Fawcett (PDF 14KB) 
242Mr Paul Stephen (PDF 13KB) 
243Ms Rosie Knott (PDF 14KB) 
244Mr Robert Gavin (PDF 15KB) 
245Mr Peter Carroll (PDF 18KB) 
246Ms Patricia Kowal (PDF 14KB) 
247Ms Sandra Bayley (PDF 921KB) 
248Ms Dawn Nettheim (PDF 14KB) 
249Mr Jonathan Arthur (PDF 14KB) 
250Mr Michael Mardel (PDF 13KB) 
251Mr Ric Day (PDF 14KB) 
252Ms Brenda Mason (PDF 32KB) 
253Ms Lesley Bain (PDF 14KB) 
254Ms Rosalind Ross (PDF 15KB) 
255Ms Angela Lindstad (PDF 14KB) 
256Mr Anthony Barnes (PDF 43KB) 
257Ms Ziggy Koenigseder (PDF 921KB) 
258Mr Lester Irving (PDF 14KB) 
259Mr Richard Stanford (PDF 18KB) 
260Ms Maureen Cooper (PDF 43KB) 
261Mr Tobin Saunders (PDF 14KB) 
262Mr Lindsay Gardner (PDF 39KB) 
263Ms Leonie Lyall (PDF 14KB) 
264Ms Elizabeth Long (PDF 15KB) 
265Mr David Connolly (PDF 14KB) 
266Ms Rosalie Miles (PDF 14KB) 
267Ms Hilary Whitehouse (PDF 41KB) 
268Ms Julie Ingleby (PDF 15KB) 
269Mr Kevin Haskew (PDF 15KB) 
270Mr Joe Friend (PDF 44KB) 
271Mr Bob Hawkins (PDF 15KB) 
272Ms Gwen Atkinson (PDF 16KB) 
273Mr Bernard Terry (PDF 14KB) 
274Ms Renee Goossens (PDF 15KB) 
275Ms Lee Miller (PDF 14KB) 
276Ms Eileen Whitehead (PDF 182KB) 
277Ms Jane Brownrigg (PDF 209KB) 
278Mr Ian Parker (PDF 13KB) 
279Ms Patricia Asch (PDF 13KB) 
280Ms Hana Jestribek (PDF 15KB) 
281Ms Kerry Johnson (PDF 14KB) 
282Ms Sarah McLoughlin (PDF 14KB) 
283Ms Mary Scott (PDF 14KB) 
284Mr Richard Winkler (PDF 14KB) 
285Ms Amber Wells (PDF 15KB) 
286Ms Emma Dempsey (PDF 38KB) 
287Mr Reg Morrison (PDF 14KB) Attachment 1(PDF 1894KB) Attachment 2(PDF 1246KB) 
288Ms Sarah Corfe (PDF 18KB) 
289Ms Amber Flynn (PDF 13KB) 
290Ms Fern Veit (PDF 15KB) 
291Ms Triona Allen (PDF 14KB) 
292Mr Ross Macdonald (PDF 14KB) 
293Ms Jan Lacey (PDF 14KB) 
294Ms Catherine Smith (PDF 14KB) 
295Ms Edwina Mullany (PDF 14KB) 
296Mr Jacob Anson (PDF 15KB) 
297Ms Pat Grainger (PDF 14KB) 
298Ms Nya Murray (PDF 14KB) 
299Ms Heather Hubert (PDF 11KB) 
300Ms Leonie Brialey (PDF 14KB) 
301Ms Rosemary Blemings (PDF 14KB) 
302Mr Brad Schmidt (PDF 18KB) 
303Mr Gosta Lynga (PDF 14KB) 
304Mr Bob Gregory (PDF 14KB) 
305Mr Steven Stewart (PDF 15KB) 
306Mr Duncan Gardner (PDF 15KB) 
307Ms Siobhan Holmes (PDF 41KB) 
308Mr Dorte Planert (PDF 14KB) 
309Mr Jack Claff (PDF 14KB) 
310Ms Lorelle Denham (PDF 42KB) 
311Mr Robert Jenkins (PDF 14KB) 
312Mr Pete Malavisi (PDF 17KB) 
313Ms Christina Martin (PDF 17KB) 
314Ms Louise Crossley (PDF 14KB) 
315Ms Rachel Donovan (PDF 14KB) 
316Mr Soleman Massoud (PDF 14KB) 
317Ms Lyn Sheills (PDF 15KB) 
318Mr Kevin Shaw (PDF 14KB) 
319Ms Helene Dorval (PDF 14KB) 
320Ms Lyndall McCormack (PDF 15KB) Attachment 1(PDF 35KB) 
321Ms Heather Auld (PDF 14KB) 
322Mr Michael Watkins (PDF 15KB) 
323Ms Linda Link (PDF 15KB) 
324Ms Jo-Anne Seater (PDF 14KB) 
325Ms Jennifer Esbenshade (PDF 145KB) 
326Mr John Giacon (PDF 15KB) 
327Mr Lisa Morrison (PDF 41KB) 
328Ms Vera Costello (PDF 33KB) 
329Mr David Chang (PDF 14KB) 
330Ms Wendy Catling (PDF 16KB) 
331Ms Lynda Cord (PDF 14KB) 
332Mr Jeremy Eccles (PDF 14KB) 
333Ms Marie Cowling (PDF 15KB) 
334Ms Amanda Allen (PDF 14KB) 
335Ms Lou Baxter (PDF 15KB) 
336Ms Sue Pratt (PDF 14KB) 
337Mr Travis Edwards (PDF 14KB) 
338Investor Group on Climate Change (PDF 445KB) Attachment 1(PDF 1563KB) Attachment 2(PDF 1178KB) Attachment 3(PDF 1125KB) 
339Name Withheld (PDF 49KB) 
340Mr Peter Thompson (PDF 19KB) 
341Ms Lenore Keough (PDF 68KB) 
342Mr John Englart (PDF 123KB) 
343Mr David Leigh (PDF 49KB) 
Response from Forestry Tasmania, received 18 June 2013(PDF 777KB) 
344Association for Mitigation Studies for Top End Cyclones Inc (PDF 209KB) Attachment 1(PDF 5034KB) Attachment 2(PDF 742KB) 
Response from Territory Insurance Office dated 28 June 2013(PDF 200KB) 

Form Letters Received

1Form letter received from five submitters(PDF 67KB) 

Additional Information Received

1Additional information provided by the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability Victoria - Climate change Victoria: the science, our people and our state of play(PDF 14159KB) 
2Additional information provided by Adjunct Professor Peter Fisher, RMIT - Resilient Coastal City Regions: Planning for Climate Change in the United States and Australia(PDF 2749KB) 
3Additional information provided by Prof. David Karoly, School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne (from public hearing, Canberra, 11 April 2013)(PDF 8611KB) 
4Additional information provided by the Central Goldfields Shire: Project Brief, Community Resilience Mentorship Initiative (CRMI) Scoping Project(PDF 434KB) 


1Correspondence received from The Hon. Lynn MacLaren MLC, Member for South Metropolitan Region, Legislative Council Western Australia, dated 12 March 2013(PDF 1559KB) 

Answers to Questions on Notice

1Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre - Answers to questions taken on notice (from public hearing, Melbourne, 20 February 2013)(PDF 341KB) 
2Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council - Answers to questions taken on notice (from public hearing, Melbourne, 20 February 2013)(PDF 1608KB) 
3Doctors for the Environment Australia - Answers to questions taken on notice (from public hearing, Melbourne, 20 February 2013)(PDF 438KB) 
4Australian Medical Association - Answer to a question taken on notice (from public hearing, Canberra, 11 April 2013)(PDF 33KB) 
5Brisbane City Council - Answers to questions taken on notice (from public hearing, Brisbane, 22 February 2013)(PDF 2217KB) 
6CSIRO - Answer to a question taken on notice (from public hearing, Canberra, 11 April 2013)(PDF 184KB) 
7Insurance Council of Australia - Three reports requested on notice (from public hearing, Sydney, 10 April 2013)(PDF 647KB) 
8Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Teritary Education - Answers to questions taken on notice (from public hearing, Canberra, 11 April 2013)(PDF 2097KB) 

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