Appendix 2

Public hearing

Wednesday, 18 April 2018, Melbourne

The Australian Institute – via teleconference

Mr Roderick Campbell, Research Director

Australian National Low Emissions Coal Research and Development

Dr Noel Simento, Managing Director


Ms Tania Constable PSM, Chief Executive Officer

Global CCS Institute

Mr Bradley Page, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Alexandros Zapantis, General Manager, Commercial

Australian Conservation Foundation

Mr Matt Rose, Economics Program Manager and Economist

Ms Suzanne Harter, Climate Change and Clean Energy Campaigner

Environmental Justice Australia

Mr David Barnden, Lawyer

Ms Bronya Lipski, Lawyer

Mr Simon Holmes à Court – private capacity

Minerals Council of Australia – via teleconference

Mr Greg Evans, Executive Director, Coal

Mr Peter Morris, Senior Adviser, Coal

Mr Stephen Malss, Director, ACALET Coal 21 Fund

Clean Energy Finance Corporation

Mr Ian Learmonth, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Simon Every, Head of Government and Stakeholder Relations

Department of the Environment and Energy

Mr Brad Archer, First Assistant Secretary, International Climate Change and Energy Innovation Division

Dr Lesley Dowling, Assistant Secretary, Energy Innovation and Ozone Protection Branch, International Climate Change and Energy Innovation Division

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