Appendix 2

Public hearings

Sydney NSW, 8 March 2017

Committee Members in attendance: Senators McAllister, Whish-Wilson

DAY, Mr James, Director, Australia and New Zealand, CDP

GOCHER, Mr Daniel, Analyst, Market Forces

HERD, Ms Emma, Chief Executive Officer, Investor Group on Climate Change

MACKENZIE, Ms Kate, Head of Finance and Investment, The Climate Institute

McKINLEY, Ms Ella, Ethics Analyst, Australian Ethical Investment

O'BRIEN, Ms Brynn, Executive Director, Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility

O'ROURKE, Ms Kate, Senior Executive Leader, Corporations, Australian Securities and Investments Commission

PURCELL, Dr John, Policy Adviser, Environmental, Social and Governance, CPA Australia

SUMMERHAYES, Mr Geoffrey, Member, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

VERNON, Mr Philip, Managing Director, Australian Ethical Investment

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