Inquiry into Hepatitis C and Blood Supply in Australia

Inquiry into Hepatitis C and Blood Supply in Australia


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Poile, Ms Diane 

2 Bell, Mr Robert  (NSW)
3 Jacobson, Ms Jacinta  (NSW)
4 Callard, Mr David Arthur  (NSW)
5 Fennell, Ms Vicki  (NSW)
6 Name withheld  (NSW)
7 Day, Ms Heather  (QLD)
8 Harris, Ms Vickie  (QLD)
9 Pyatt, Mrs Carmel  (QLD)
10 Name withheld  (QLD)
11 Johnston, Mr Glenn  (NSW)
12 Pollack, Mr Michael  (NSW)
13 Pollack, Mr Ron & Mrs Robyn  (NSW)
14 Pollack, Ms Bernadette  (NSW)
15 Crust, Mr Graham  (QLD)
16 Crust, Mrs Rae  (QLD)
17 Stevens, Mr David and Mrs Rosalie  (NSW)
18 Smith, Ms Bronwyn  (QLD)
19 May, Ms Susie   (QLD)
20 Hughes, Mr Peter  (QLD)
21 Hastedt, Mr Neville Raymond  (NSW)
22 Hastedt, Mrs Patricia  (NSW)
23 dAlessandra, Ms Teresa  (NSW)
24 Barraclough, Professor Bruce, Chair, Australian Council for Safety and Quality in Health Care (NSW) (Word format)
25 Herrmann, Mrs E  (NSW)
26 Name withheld  (NSW)
27 Borowsky, Mr Alan  (NSW)
28 Wilkinson, Mr Norman  (QLD)
29 Frainey, Ms Michelle  (QLD)
30 Name withheld 
31 Vladimirov, Mrs Ellen  (NSW)
32 Rootham, Mr Danny  (NSW)
33 Morgan, Ms Maxine  (NSW)
34 Simcoe, Ms Barbara  (NSW)
35 Meredith, Mr Michael  (NSW)
36 Name withheld 
37 Howell, Mr Ronald  (NSW)
38 McDermott, Mr Brad  (WA)
39 Borowsky, Ms Mayne  (NSW)
40 Shanley, Ms Beverley Anne  (NSW)
41 Newman, Mrs Robin  (NSW)
42 Waddell, Mr John Malcolm  (NSW)
43 Hibbert, Ms Enid  (NSW)
44 Wilson, Mr Alan  (NSW)
45 Graham, Ms Julie  (NSW)
46 Carroll, Mr Shelton  (NSW)
47 Jeffs, Mr Craig  (VIC)
48 Palombi, Mr Luigi  (NSW) (PDF format) Attachment 1 (PDF format) Attachment 2 (PDF format) Attachment 3 (PDF format) Attachment 4 (PDF format) Supplementary submission (PDF format)
49 Name withheld  (NSW)
50 Franklin, Ms Bertha  (VIC)
51 Forrest, Ms Mary  (New Zealand)
52 Harcourt, Ms Andrea  (NSW)
53 Hickey, Mr Raymond  (NSW)
54 Department of Health and Ageing  (ACT) Part 1 (Word Format) Part 2 (Word format) Part 3 (Word format) Attachment dated 17.5.04 (PDF format) Attachment dated 25.5.04 (Word format)  Supplementary Submission (PDF format) Supplementary Information dated 1.6.04 (Word format) Supplementary Information dated 3.6.04 (Word format)
55 Skidzevicius, Ms Helen Marija  (SA)
56 Dunn, Mr Scott  (VIC)
57 Batey, Professor Robert G  (NSW) (PDF format)
58 Giacca, Ms Barbara Eleanor  (NSW)
59 Land, Mr Gordon  (NSW)
60 Turner Freeman Solicitors  (NSW) (PDF format)
61 Australian Association of Pathology Practices Inc (AAPP)  (ACT) (Word format)
62 Ross, Ms Elva  (NSW)
63 No submission
64 Australian Red Cross Blood Service  (NSW) (PDF format) Supplementary submission (PDF format) Attachment 1 (Word format)  Supplementary information dated 27.5.04 (PDF format)
65 Name withheld  (QLD)
66 Lewis, Ms Maureen  (NSW)
67 National Serology Reference Laboratory, Australia  (VIC) (Word format)
68 Day, Mr Kevin (QLD)
69 Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (NSW) (PDF format)
70 Bollmeyer, Mrs Suzanne (SA)
71 Australian and New Zealand Society of Blood Transfusion (ANZSBT) (NSW) (Word format)
72 Australian Haemophilia Centre Directors Organisation (VIC) (Word format)
73 Medical Error Action Group  (NSW) (PDF format)
74 McCaughan, Professor Geoff  (NSW) (Word format)
75 Australian Hepatitis Council  (ACT) (Word format)
76 Williams, Ms Nikki  (NSW)
77 Holt, Ms Suzanne  (NSW)
78 Hanrahan, Ms Therese  (NSW)
79 Tainted Blood Product Action Group  (NSW) (PDF format)
80 Australian Centre for Hepatitis Virology Inc (ACHV) (SA) (Word format) Attachment 1 (PDF format)
81 Hepatitis C Council of NSW  (NSW) (Word format)  Supplementary Submission dated 31.5.04 (Word format)
82 Haemophilia Foundation Australia (HFA) (VIC) (PDF format)
83 Traids  (NSW) (Word format) Attachment 1 (Word format) Attachment 2 (Word format)
84 Traids Support Group  (NSW) (Word format)
85 People with Disability Australia Incorporated  (NSW) (Word format) Attachment 1 (Word format)
86 Cooksley, Dr W G E (Word format)
87 Bell, Ms Sue  (VIC)
88 Deleacy, Dr D  (VIC) (PDF format)
89 Mosley, Professor James W (USA)  (Word format)
90 Name withheld
91 Brereton, Mr Graeme
92 Haag, Mr David
93 Laver, Mr Colin