Terms of Reference

  1. The Senate notes in relation to the ‘Jedi Council’ sex scandal:
    1. in a secret New South Wales Police report, prepared by Detective Sergeant Mark Carter, Strike Force CIVET found that the actions of a number of Australian Defence Force Investigative Service (ADFIS) staff and other sections of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to deliberately lie, withhold evidence, fabricate information... [mean] the conduct of future investigations [by NSW police] into and with the ADF as [a] whole and ADFIS as a body must be viewed with caution and concern;
    2. the personal information of many innocent ADF members, including retired Lieutenant Colonel Dubsky, was provided to the media, in breach of their right to privacy and other fundamental human rights, and without regard for their mental and physical wellbeing;
    3. the original ADFIS investigation into the alleged actions of the ‘Jedi Council’ was limited and was conducted without direct contact with any alleged members of the ‘Jedi Council’;
    4. the ADFIS investigation was limited in scope and did not include appropriate follow-up regarding some of the allegations;
    5. the ADFIS investigation did not include interviews with alleged victims of material created or distributed by the ‘Jedi Council’; and
    6. a number of the conclusions reached by the ADFIS were not consistent with the evidence presented to the ADFIS as part of the investigation.
  2. The matters raised by New South Wales Police Strike Force CIVET, and other related matters, be referred to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee.

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