Appendix 3

Public hearings and witnesses

Thursday 30 August 2018, Brisbane Queensland

Australian Quinoline Veterans and Families Association

Mr Stuart McCarthy, President

Mr Mark Armstrong, private capacity

Mrs Susan Armstrong, private capacity

Mr Mark Reid, private capacity

Defence Force Welfare Association

Mr Kel Ryan, National President

Mr Benjamin Fleming, private capacity

Mr Ben Whiley, private capacity

Mr Brian McCarthy, private capacity

Australasian College of Tropical Medicine

Professor Geoff Quail OAM, President

Professor Graham Brown AM

Friday 31 August 2018, Townsville Queensland

Mr Greg Jose, private capacity

Ms Robyn Davies, private capacity

Mr Kevin Davies, private capacity

Mr Colin Brock, private capacity

Mr Desmond Rose, private capacity

Mr Wayne Karakyriacos, private capacity

Mrs Lavina Salter, private capacity

Mr Chris Salter, private capacity

Mr Wayne Preedy, private capacity

LTGEN John Caligari (Rtd), private capacity

Ms Kim Davis, private capacity

Mr Walter Davis, private capacity

Ms Cherie Bayly, private capacity

Mr Warren Goodchild, private capacity

COL Ray Martin (Rtd), private capacity

Thursday 11 October 2018, Canberra Australian Capital Territory

The Quinism Foundation

Dr Remington Nevin, Executive Director

National Health and Medical Research Council

Dr Tony Willis, Executive Director, Research Quality and Priorities Branch

Ms Jillian Barr, Director, Ethics and Integrity, Research Quality and Priorities Branch

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Dr Penny Burns, GP Representative

RSL National

Mr Peter Eveille, Chairman, National Veterans' Affairs Committee

Professor James McCarthy, Professor of tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases, Royal Brisbane Hospital and QMIR Bighofer Medical institute

Associate Professor Harin Karunajeewa, private capacity

Department of Health (incl. Therapeutic Goods Administration)

Adjunct Professor John Skerritt, Deputy Secretary, Health Products Regulation Group

Professor Brendan Murphy, Chief Medical Officer, Australian Government

Adjunct Professor Tim Greenaway, Chief Medical Officer, TGA

Department of Defence

VADM David Johnston, AM RAN, Vice Chief of the Defence Force

AVM Warren McDonald AM, CSC, Chief of Joint Capabilities

AVM Tracy Smart AM, Commander Joint Health

BRIG Craig Schramm CSC, Director General Health Capability

BRIG Leonard Brennan, Director General Garrison Health

COL Peter Nasveld, Director Health J07 HQJOC


Professor Dennis Shanks, Director of the ADF Malaria and Infectious Disease


Department of Veterans' Affairs

Ms Liz Cosson AM CSC, Secretary

Dr Ian Gardner, Chief Health Officer

Mr Craig Orme DSC AM CSC, Deputy President

Ms Veronica Hancock, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Veterans' Services Design Division

Dr Stephanie Hudson, National Manager, Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service

Monday 15 October 2018, Canberra Australian Capital Territory

Repatriation Medical Authority

Professor Nicholas Saunders AO, Chairperson

Dr Justine Ward, Principal Medical Officer

Mr Paul Murdoch, Registrar

Monday 5 November 2018, Melbourne Victoria

Mrs Naomi Kruizinga, private capacity

Mr Michael Kruizinga, private capacity

Professor Sandy McFarlane AO, Director, Centre for Traumatic Stress Studies, University of Adelaide

Mrs Mary Bush, private capacity

Mr Michael Bush, private capacity

Mr Todd Connors, private capacity

Mr Aaron King, private capacity

Mr Brian Carlon, private capacity

MAJ Phillip Chapman (Rtd), private capacity

Ms Anne-Maree Baker, private capacity

Mrs Raelene King, private capacity

Australian Quinoline Veterans and Families Association

Associate Professor Jane Quinn, Charles Sturt University

Mr Chris Ellicott, private capacity

Mr Mark Freer, private capacity

Thursday 8 November 2018, Canberra Australian Capital Territory

Roche Products Pty Ltd

Mr Svend Petersen, Managing Director

Dr Peter Stewart, Medical Director

Ms Natalie Touzell, Director, Regulatory Affairs Australia-New Zealand

GlaxoSmithKline Australia Pty Ltd

Mr David Herd, Director, Market Access and Communications and Government Affairs

Dr Alison Webster, Head, Global Health Clinical R&D (Global representative, UK)

Dr Carolyn Tucek-Szabo, Head, Regulatory Affairs, Australasia

60 Degrees Pharmaceuticals LLC

Dr Geoff Dow, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer

Biocelect Pty Ltd

Mr Karl Herz, Managing Director

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