Appendix 2

Appendix 2

Public hearings and witnesses

Friday 14 August 2015, Canberra

Australian Council for International Development

Mr Marc Purcell, Executive Director
Ms Priyanka Sunder, Government Relations Adviser

CBM Australia

Mr Braedan Hogan, Policy Officer

Oxfam Australia

Ms Sabina Curatolo, Head of Government Relations
Ms Jenny Wells, Government Relations Coordinator
Ms Anna Trembath, Senior Gender Advisor

International Women’s Development Agency

Ms Joanne Crawford, Senior Research and Policy Advisor

Plan International Australia

Ms Siobhan McCann, Policy & Engagement Manager

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Dr Lachlan Strahan, First Assistant Secretary, Multilateral Policy Division
Mr Steve Darvill, Director, Humanitarian Response Branch
Ms Melissa Stutsel, Director, Gender Equality Section
Mr Mark Palu, Director, Performance Benchmarks Implementation and Support
Ms Sally Moyle, Principal Sector Specialist (Gender)
Ms Sarah Goulding, Senior Specialist – Gender, Gender Technical Support Section

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