Opportunities for strengthening Australia’s relations with the Republic of France

August 2020

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ISBN: 978-1-76093-098-1

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Committee Members

List of Recommendations

Chapter 1—Introduction

  Referral and conduct of the inquiry
  Conduct of the inquiry
  Structure of the report

Chapter 2—Trade and Investment

  Trade statistics
  French companies and investment
  Areas of opportunity
  Regional opportunities
  European Union Free Trade Agreement

Chapter 3—Political, defence and security cooperation

  Political cooperation
  Defence Cooperation
  Security cooperation
  Antarctic and Southern Ocean

Chapter 4—Intergovernmental organisations headquartered in France

  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  World Organisation for Animal Health
  Southern Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement secretariat
  World Water Council
  International Organisation of Vine and Wine

Chapter 5—Strategic cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

  An area of shared interest
  Changing strategic environment
  Enhancing cooperation in the region

Chapter 6—Shared historical and cultural values, tourism, and education and research

  Shared cultural values and exchanges
  Commemorative activities
  Tourism and travel
  Education and Research

Chapter 7—Conclusions and recommendations

  Political cooperation
  Defence cooperation
  Security cooperation
  Australian Antarctic Region and Southern Ocean
  Intergovernmental organisations headquartered in France
  Strategic Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific
  Trade and Investment
  Cultural links
  Commemorative activities
  Tourism and travel
  Education and research

Appendix 1—Submissions, additional information and answers to questions on notice

Appendix 2—Public hearings and witnesses

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