Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Referral of the bill

1.1        On 27 November 2014, the Export Finance and Insurance Corporation Amendment (Direct Lending and Other Measures) Bill 2014 was referred to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee for inquiry and report by 11 February 2015.[1]

1.2        The reasons for the referral of the bill, as cited by the Selection of Bills Committee, were 'to consider the principal issues of the impact of substantially expanding the scope of the Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (Efic) and its consequences in relation to aid spending.'[2]

1.3        The Minister for Small Business, the Hon Bruce Billson MP, introduced the bill into the House of Representatives on 22 October 2014.[3]

Conduct of inquiry

1.4        The committee advertised the inquiry on its website. The committee also wrote to individuals and organisations likely to have an interest in the bill, drawing their attention to the inquiry and inviting them to make written submissions.

1.5        The committee received 11 submissions to the inquiry. These submissions are listed at Appendix 1, and are available on the committee's website.

Scrutiny by other committees

Scrutiny of Bills Committee

1.6        The Scrutiny of Bills Committee considered the bill according to its usual scrutiny process and did not have comments in relation to the scrutiny principles outlined in Senate Standing Order 24.[4]

Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights

1.7        The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights examined the bill and considered that the bill does not give rise to any human rights concerns.[5]

Structure of report

1.8        Chapter 2 provides an overview of the bill. Chapter 3 summarises the main issues raised in evidence and contains the committee's view and recommendation.


1.9        The committee acknowledges the short period of time available for those who made submissions. The committee thanks all those who assisted with the inquiry.

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