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1Name Withheld (PDF 67 KB) 
2Mr Robert Heron (PDF 45 KB) 
3Mr Paul McKenzie (PDF 48 KB) 
4Name Withheld (PDF 14 KB) 
5Mr Phil Gorman (PDF 331 KB) 
6The Council on Middle East Relations (PDF 868 KB) 
7Maureen Keating sgs (PDF 42 KB) 
8Ms Ruth McColl (PDF 64 KB) 
9Mr Ian Sarah (PDF 26 KB) 
10Dr Jason Barnett (PDF 99 KB) 
11Ms Moira Broderick (PDF 40 KB) 
12 Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (PDF 230 KB) 
13Mr Adrian Joel (PDF 78 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 381 KB) 
14Support Association for the Women of Afghanistan (SAWA-Australia SA Inc) (PDF 267 KB) 
14.1 Supplementary to submission 14 (PDF 197 KB) 
15Emeritus Professor William Maley, Dr Niamatullah Ibrahimi, Dr Nishank Motwani, and Dr Srinjoy Bose (PDF 166 KB) 
16Name Withheld (PDF 69 KB) 
17SBS (PDF 411 KB) 
18GAP Veteran and Legal Services (PDF 7038 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 3044 KB) 
19Department of Home Affairs (PDF 3155 KB) 
19.1 Supplementary to submission 19 (PDF 2201 KB) 
20Department of Defence (PDF 660 KB) 
20.1 Supplementary to submission 20 (PDF 124 KB) 

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