Coalition Senators' Additional Comments

1.1        Coalition Senators concur with the committee views noted at 1.38, 1.39, 1.40 and 1.41.

1.2        In relation to 1.42, the Coalition Senators note that DHS has responded to the 2013–14 audit into the Integrity of Medicare customer data conducted by the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO), with the department having implemented all five recommendations from that report. Subsequently, in its 2016–17 Cybersecurity Follow Up Audit, the ANAO also found that DHS has security controls in place to provide protection from unauthorised information disclosures.

1.3        In relation to 1.43, the Coalition Senators note that DHS acted immediately upon the identification of the alleged incident. The department immediately referred the matter to the Australian Federal Police (AFP), and, when authorised to do so by the AFP, acted immediately to commence service recovery, contacting individuals and issuing new Medicare numbers and cards.

Senator James Paterson                                                   Senator Bridget McKenzie
Deputy Chair

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